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  1. Thanks! That does indeed fix the issue for me.
  2. This simple script triggers an assert during compilation of the script: class TestClass { TestClass(array<int> arr) { this.arr = arr; } private array<int> arr; } void main() { TestClass @t = TestClass({}); } The assert triggered when main is called is: as_compiler.cpp:6474: asUINT asCCompiler::ImplicitConversion(asCExprContext *, const asCDataType &, asCScriptNode *, EImplicitConv, bool, bool): Assertion `ctx->type.dataType.GetTokenType() != ttUnrecognizedToken || ctx->type.dataType.IsNullHandle() || ctx->IsAnonymousInitList()' failed. The call stack shows that asCCompiler::ImplicitConversion is called from asCCompiler::CompileConstructCall at as_compiler.cpp:10935, and it's only called when the constructor has exactly one argument. Working around the issue by adding another argument to the constructor works just fine.
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