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  1. Andrew Naumov

    dxc code size [SOLVED]

    I tried to compile your code http://shader-playground.timjones.io/7abb0a7a8455e45e6bda522c8536c6eb and got follow errors: D:\local\Temp\268cd6bd-54aa-48bf-9301-ae7880bf1c61.hlsl:1:3: error: 'push_constant' attribute only applies to global variables of struct type [[vk::push_constant]] ^ D:\local\Temp\268cd6bd-54aa-48bf-9301-ae7880bf1c61.hlsl:4:4: error: 'offset' attribute only applies to fields [[vk::offset(8)]] ^ If I change code it will compile without errors struct PConsts { [[vk::offset(8)]] float cb_push; }; [[vk::push_constant]] ConstantBuffer<PConsts> cb : register(b2); struct PixelIn { float4 posH : SV_Position; float3 color : COLOR; float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD; }; float4 main(PixelIn pIn) : SV_Target0 { float3 color = pIn.color * saturate(cb.cb_push + 0.2f); return float4(color, 1.0f); } http://shader-playground.timjones.io/8fd049b53b7960b5f6a333e83195fdcb Maybe it can help you.
  2. You can get it with D3D12_SHVER_GET_TYPE(D3D12_FUNCTION_DESC::Version) or with hlsl::RDAT::FunctionReader::GetShaderKind(). Example for first way: https://github.com/andrejnau/FlyCube/blob/636839889748ca5aaad0b9b2fb7b43313b1933de/src/Modules/Program/DX12ProgramApi.cpp#L29 And for second way: https://github.com/andrejnau/FlyCube/blob/8bd607a8ad0e478321f2d1a128a31d5db06eb1eb/src/Modules/Program/DX12ProgramApi.cpp#L39
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