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  1. Hey guys hope you're all doing well New to this group and decided to join due to lack of motivation to work on side projects by myself. I got a comp sci degree, 2 years of coding/game dev experience in Unity and 1 year proffesional experience in mobile dev for both Android and IOS in my current job. I would be glad to work on 2D, preferably small scope projects just so we're more confident we can bring it to a nice finish. Unfortunately, I dont have a formal portfolio but I'm leaving below a) A Unity game I completed by myself from start to finish (worked on game/level design, animations, some graphics, coding, promo, publication) and b) a demo of my uni dissertation where I worked on the mechanics of the game and integration of the vr functionality and motion detection algorithm. a) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OneMinuteGames.BallBros&hl=en b) If there are any teams out there looking for help with their 2d games drop me a message. Thanks for reading (and watching) guys, happy devving!
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