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  1. Hey Tom, Thanks so much for the plethora of valuable information and guidance that you've shared here. I shall pay heed to this once I'm within the pipeline. I myself am an ENFT-P by the way. Any Pointers?
  2. Hey Brain. The reason I'm relocating to Canada, is because my Uncle stays in BC, who's been encouraging me to explore around Canada since the last couple of years. I agree that there are jobs worldwide and I'd love to move around in the future. But primarily, this is just for Family reasons. Thanks so much for the advice!
  3. I am a VFX Camera tracker artist for Films and series & in this field for the last four years. I am from India. I am 28 & attempted to do CS however quit it in between the second year, as I was doing a two year animation course alongside that & have been working ever since with a studio that gets a decent outsourced work from overseas. However, I've had a second calling in the Games field & I have decided to make a career in Games. I am trying to pursue an education in Canada where there are good Film schools & Universities that offer courses in Games Development & Design. I am in a little dilemma as all the courses that I have searched in Canada, most schools offer only a year's Diploma in Games incl reputed Schools. This will not help me get a work permit in Canada. My query was : 1. Is there a degree/diploma course available for Games in any Canadian university for the duration of a minimum of two years ? 2. I know that a good portfolio holds a lot more value yet what is that level of education that will help me get a foothold in the Games Industry in Canada & help me make a career out of it ? Kindly suggest choices as to the further course of action. Thank you!
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