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  1. Still looking for a C++ Programmer! Got the first commercial video draft done for the business. Now we're on to finding some voice acting talent. The ecommerce portion of the business is basically done at this point. The database portion is 50-75% done. Just waiting on the final C++ portion and we're LIVE!
  2. Still looking for a C++ programmer. Stop by today to hear more about the business!
  3. Still looking for a C++ programmer! Not a lot of work needed for a potential ownership stake! You won't find that in any indie video game team, those require a LOT of time and effort.
  4. Here's our Trello Board: You can see from the task cards that the vast majority of the work is business related. The Database side also has quite a few tasks. The C++ has very few tasks that need to be accomplished. I left a few cards visible that don't give away the core of the business idea. The last checklists tasks of "Potential Partner / Owner Selection" is just for the C++ individual. The "Future TBD" cards are largely tasks that we need to complete after launch. Still looking for a C++ programmer!
  5. Uh, that message was for Xeltide You had me confused for a minute there......lol
  6. I sent you a PM about our Anti-Cheat service. It's not a game, but the scope is pretty small. The C++ / Blueprints portion is about 20% of the final product. There is a potential equal ownership stake for the eventual C++ programmer we use. Did you have any interest? If yes, hit me up! If not, no worries and good luck on your future projects.
  7. I sent you a PM about our Anti-Cheat service. It's not a game, but the scope is pretty small. The C++ / Blueprints portion is about 20% of the final product. There is a potential equal ownership stake for the eventual C++ programmer we use. Did you have any interest?
  8. This week we're working on a couple of different things! Ecommerce: - Testing both the website and the ecommerce platform on Droid, Samsung, and Apple mobile devices. - Generating Branding Logos / Icons in Adobe Photoshop. - Paypal Payment Processor integration. Database: - Researching Database hosting options. - Investigating Database to C++ communication methods. If we can get a C++ programmer on board we'll be launching in a month or two! Just need 10 hours a week for a little while! Potential Equal Ownership stake for the C++ programmer! Unlike building a video game for several years, we'll be up and running in several months! A lot less time investment! If you want to hear more, hit us up for a briefing!
  9. No problem! Good luck on your future projects.
  10. It's an ownership percentage of the business. If you'd like to hear more I can do a briefing on it anytime!
  11. Still looking for a C++ Programmer! Making big strides on the Ecommerce and Database side, but need C++ for it all to work together.
  12. Still looking for a C++ Programmer! I totally understand that anti-cheat doesn't sound sexy. It's not COD. It's not Multiplayer Survival. After you get the presentation though, I guarantee you'll be interested (especially if you're a multiplayer gamer)!
  13. The Website / Database Developer is on board! Here's their introduction: Stopping by to introduce myself, I'm the guy referenced above. As advertised I have 5+ years of freelance experience with web development on the LAMP stack and .NET with C#. I have not personally worked with C++ for several years, which makes my recency of experience very limited. We are actively seeking an individual with C++ experience to join us for this venture. This project has realistic objectives and is not another "pie in the sky." If you understand the fundamentals of C++ and can work with server code (authentication/authorization) then this would be a great project for you. The scope of this project as advertised might be misleading in regards to making this project sound like a huge undertaking, but it is just a small piece of the Anti-cheat industry, and you really need to sign an NDA to get the details to see that. This truly is a perfect opportunity for someone who is ready for some "real world" experience to build their portfolio.
  14. We're close to getting our web developer on board! They have a little C++ and 5+ years of Web Programming experience.Still looking for a C++ Game Programmer!You have nothing to lose by just stopping by and hearing the Powerpoint presentation. Yes, there is a potential co-owner stake for the eventual C++ programmer!
  15. [ROYALTY] Anti-Cheat Business Looking for C++ Game Programmers! Project Title: Anti-Cheat Business Description: We're looking for a C++ Game Programmer to work on a new Anti-Cheat Business. There is a potential ownership stake involved. This business is not related to programming an actual Anti-Cheat. It will not be used to detect cheaters. It is a service to be connected to existing anti-cheat. To fully implement the service we'll need a single C++ Game Programmer (hence why we're looking here) and a Website / Database Developer (which we'll look for elsewhere). Because this service doesn't currently exist, we're hesitant to go into in-depth details in a public forum post. You can legally patent / protect a product, whereas ideas get no legal protection whatsoever. But we do have a full Powerpoint Briefing available for those individuals who would like to know more. <-----------------------Important! The individual must currently reside inside the United States and be a legal United States resident. Telecommute / Online work is OK, relocation is not necessary. We'll explain why during the briefing. Team Structure: Ecommerce Developer (Filled) C++ Programmer (Vacant) Website / Database Developer (Vacant) Previous Work: Ecommerce Developer has 10+ Years of Ecommerce Development / Ownership with over 6 Million Dollars in sales. Talent Required: C++ Game Programmer - Must have C++ Programming Experience, not just Blueprints. - Must be willing to take on challenging tasks and do / learn whatever is needed to accomplish them. - Self motivated and driven to succeed. - Must be a legal US resident and currently residing inside the United States. Contact: E-mail: AntiCheatService@yahoo.com
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