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  1. GrumpySam

    Soft Summer Rains

    A bit of a slower week again. Programmers have had a quieter week due to vacations and other obligations. Heli controls are still the hot topic we’re trying to get right. If you’re following on twitter you’ve seen the current controls: https://twitter.com/BunchBad/status/1150925531245924352?s=20 Modeling team is down a bit on strength due to holidays. Carrier is being skinned. There are few other 3D items in the preliminary stages of design/modeling. Level designer has made a map we are going to test in the next build that should be ready during the weekend (fingers crossed). We’re trying to get away from the “ready in 2 weeks” quagmire that happens when design bottlenecks and real life hits projects like this. But certain features and bug fixes are so important to the first release that we can’t rush it. “A lot of indie developers who became ‘Overnight Successes’ were working at it for ten years.”- Dan Adelman (Well, we’re not planning on taking 10 years, but still.) Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BunchBad Discord channel: https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg End
  2. GrumpySam

    A Bucket Of Nuggets

    Plane controls have gotten as good as we can get them before multiplayer. They are responsive and the maneuvering is good. The next part is to figure out how much or little climbing power and speed they get. This is best tested when you’re getting shot at. Level design also plays a factor in this. We have moved on to the helicopter controls. Early controls pancaked most of us into the ground a lot when you tried to aim and move at the same time . Now there is less pancaking and we are working on the aiming. (These vids are of builds a couple of weeks old, with pancaking control schemes) We are going to be integrating out first map proper map into the game shortly. Its a work in progress as everything else right now, but it did bring up a special topic to discuss. Level design needed some serious decisions on a specific feature. We all flung several examples around during the meeting. Analysed google metrics. Spent several afternoons collecting public opinion on the high street. Called for input from friends and relatives (including all our exes). All of this resulted in finding out that 5 of us had more children than expected AND that we finally decided on the art style for some more rocks. It was clear that Type 3 solids beat out the Type 6 competition. So yay! We got more rocks! Bad: Good: Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BunchBad Discord channel: https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg Take care, and eat your fiber! End
  3. GrumpySam

    Carrier Has Arrived, Part 1

    Renceed brings on the big guns this week. The primary function of the carrier is to act as a launch platform for player vehicles when there are no viable land bases in the area. Its anti-air defenses protect against enemy interdictors. Here is the “making of” this formidable ship: Tom Wanless is doing good work on the music composition. Here is a short teaser: The ever-present question is: When is the game ready for alpha? If you’ve been following our twitter account (https://twitter.com/BunchBad) you’ll have seen developer deathmatch footage like this. The flight model is being refined and re-refined. In a week or so we plan to run a secret test with a group of gamers completely off the record and deniable by all. This will show if we have vastly miscalculated in some aspect of gameplay that we, as developers, are blind to. Once any glaring errors are fixed or brushed under the rug and cried about, we’re going to open up testing to those on our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/7qPBwZg). A short time after that the public alpha should be released. Time-frames are always a really good ways to break promises. Get on the discord channel if you want to meet us in the sky in a couple/few weeks. Otherwise follow us here, on twitter, or sign up for an email notification at https://badbunch.net if you want to wait. There is level design and a few other issues that could scupper our plans (and our release dates have already been pushed back a couple of weeks due to life's hijinks). But without goals nothing gets done. So those are ours. End
  4. GrumpySam

    Vehicle Milestone Reached

    We have a brand spanking new build to mess around in. The latest improvements are that the Bomber plane has been added to the game. This means that we have all 4 vehicles that we need for the alpha! Now we just need to balance the heck out of them. On the table this week is a retrospective on the plane flight model up until now. In the video below are clips of the attack plane in the various build version. Build 0.02 was mid May and the latest build 0.05 is a few hours old. Builds 0.03 and 0.04 are obviously in between. 0.02 is where the proof of concept that the flight model works. The main fault is that during tight turns the camera can get stuck pointing backwards which almost certainly leads to a crash. 0.03 fixes the camera problem, you can now bank as hard as you want without making the camera view go all nutty. There plane’s turn radius is too large, and it doesn’t climb well enough. It takes too long to do another gun run on targets, and banking hard makes you lose a lot of height. 0.04 improves turning and climb rates. But still not enough. 0.05 Speed is lowered, which automatically makes it easier to turn. Tweaks to maneuverability have been made. The plane doesn’t climb as well as before, though (due to the lower speed). Combat characteristics of the planes haven’t been prioritised yet. And the flight model will be tweaked throughout development. Next on the table are more tweaks to the camera so it doesn’t clip through terrain. The helicopter flight controls are being refined. We are currently unsure if we should improve the current design, or switch to a new type of flight model for the helicopter. Further testing, especially with beginner players will be key to deciding the proper path. As per usual. Level design, audio, and other such stuff is also in the works in the background. The bomber plane is currently wickedly tough (watch to the end to find out why) Blog: Website (badbunch.net), Gamedev.net (https://bit.ly/2XlfZhU), and IndieDB (https://bit.ly/2ZAMCps). Twitter: (https://twitter.com/BunchBad) Discord: (https://discord.gg/8KQuC9) End
  5. It has been a bit of a mixed week. Some of us are starting holidays and others have other obligations that has meant that last weeks progress was less eventful than previous weeks. Renceed finished some heavy AA guns before hitting the beach: Here is the “making of” video: We’re gearing up our social media pages so that anybody interested in the project can stay up to date with what we’re doing: A weekly blogpost to our Website (badbunch.net), Gamedev.net (https://bit.ly/2XlfZhU), and IndieDB (https://bit.ly/2ZAMCps). Twitter (https://twitter.com/BunchBad) is being invigorated for additional posts during the week. And of course our Discord (https://discord.gg/8KQuC9) is where people can get a lot of the info firsthand, usually in a post from the team member that created the content. Tallying up what we need have left before we open up the development build to the public the main two things we need are; 1) a larger map to host more players 2) testing multiplayer with as many people from a single region as we can get. There are rumors of super secret groups of gamers that have signed up to playest the next build version and help show where the largest network synch sins are, as well as how easy/hard it is to figure out the controls and other gameplay details. But we'd of course have to deny that such an event is taking place. Very early concept of a map by the great Joel K. This stuff it too early in the design process to be balanced, so changes to the layout will happen: Air mines are awesome! And somethings odd with the water shader... End
  6. Very informative. Thank you for the article.
  7. GrumpySam

    The First Post

    Thanks guys! The current build is very "developer" levels of fun. But not yet gamer levels of fun, unless you are a masochist. We're on the right track and need to keep poking all the design elements onward in the right direction.
  8. GrumpySam

    The First Post

    Hi and welcome Grumpy's Bad Bunch devblog! We are making a multiplayer air combat game with a playable alpha to download in about a month’s time (We hope!). We have been doing weekly updates on our website so this first post will be a catch up post on what's happened during the last 4 weeks. Announcement trailer: https://youtu.be/F6pZXi0bstg On release we are planning to have four types of aircraft. One of them is a transport helicopter made to ferry troops onto objective to capture that objective. A bit like a Vietnam Huey. The basic logic is set up and “working”. https://youtu.be/__AxiAGXEBQ Another helicopter type (the attack helicopter) is a bit of a glass cannon. A lot of firepower, but not very tough. To help with that lack of armour, the helicopter will have a cloaking ability. The video doesn’t show the right vehicle model (it wasn’t fully designed when the cloak ability was developed). https://youtu.be/3fPlE3t7oFc A “modeling of” video of the attack helicopter can be found here: https://youtu.be/igagh1LYuRo The attack plane was the first playable vehicle. It has perhaps the most straightforward task of flying fast and shooting down anything threatening its airspace. https://youtu.be/mhzyQ9up55g And lastly there is the bomber plane. Able to drop bombs on ground targets and engage air targets with missiles. It is the current vehicle we are making playable. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. But are an awesome and dedicated team from around the globe getting stuff done. Developers local to a given region can get the current build to run smooth, but we are looking forward to sharing future builds with the community to really make the game work well with as many players in a match as possible. Nobody's perfect. A missile scaled wrong, large enough to block out the sun. Sign up for the mail list: https://badbunch.net/ Get on the Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7qPBwZg
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