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  1. robplsykes

    Save-scamming in turnbased game?

    Hi, I'd agree with what @Fandanguero said, however, i'd like to add that maybe save-scamming is a something that is totally up to the user. Many strategy games allow for users to save at any point and those who want a challenge tend not to scam saves, but disallowing users to do it, might not be prudent. Instead, perhaps offer an "Iron Man" mode, similar to Stellaris or CK2. That would disable saves per say, and instead save at the end of each turn or choice, or just have it save automatically save at the end of each turn or choice, regardless. I think that having the ability (at least at first) to rollback your save because of a bad decision is great for learning the game without being penalised for learning. Just my thoughts
  2. robplsykes

    Looking for feedback on new game project

    Brillaint! Thanks a lot, @NotAPenguin. Regards
  3. robplsykes

    Looking for feedback on new game project

    Thanks! This feels like it would decouple the code further, which is brilliant. I assume not having entities "own" the components would actually be cleaner. This also gives me an idea to just let components hold data rather than any logic and let subsystems handle it using that data to render/run the appropriate code. I have a rudimentary idea of how to implement what you said above, i'm sure once I start planning it out and coding it will come together. Do you have any articles or sample code I could look at for reference? Thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely take a look at type erasure, also. Regards
  4. robplsykes

    Looking for feedback on new game project

    Hi, Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. I'll take what you have said onboard and apply the appropriate changes. Regards
  5. Hi all, New to GameDev.net in terms of posting, but I've often visited this website for articles in the past. I've recently taken up getting into C++ Game Development and have decided to take my hand at writing my first game in OpenGL from scratch. I've made some good progress in terms of the architecture thus far. I've gone for a Component/Entity system, that I think is an excellent concept for structuring and building up a game, as it allows for good code reuse and ease of creating/adding new and unique objects to the world. Naturally, I am only in the early stages and just have a Primitive Component that is basically rendering a red triangle to the screen at this time. What I am looking for at this stage, is some feedback for a newbie like myself. What parts of my code could use improvement? Or are there any pitfalls I might be heading into it? I am open for any feedback, so please don't hold back. See my code on Github here: https://github.com/robplsykes/nihilus P.S I apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this.
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