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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed response. You just gave me what I needed, some direction and morale boost. I have some experience with Unity in the past, so I'll start from there and try to get a basic prototype working first, while I search for other devs around here to join me on the project. Expect to see updates on my progress here on gamedev. Thanks once again, I really appreciate.
  2. I'd like to create a networked multiplayer 2D mobile game that will work on iOS and Android. Given the wide (and confusing) array of technologies available today, and also the fact that I'm relatively new to multiplayer programming, I'd like some advice on the best approach for this. Here are the requirements: App should load and perform fast and have a near-native feel on both platforms Players should be able to make payment to the app and set odds to compete with each other and win/lose accordingly. Also they can fund the game wallet with money, and vice versa (send money out) Gameplay is multiplayer, turn-based and geolocalised such that people can compete in different regions Low latency on the network and very fast and fluid performance Central database for storing and managing player details and finances Cross-platform deployment (one code deploy to all) Simple and straightforward turn-based gameplay with simple controls and fast responsive behaviour I'd really appreciate some help with this from experienced devs. I'd like to know what you think is the best approach (technology-wise) to achieving this, from backend, to frontend, to storage, to scalability, to performance and to game engine/library/language choice. Thank you.
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