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  1. FrontlineStudio

    Game engines

    Well I think if I ever get to that level of AAA I would of imagined I would of upgraded by then to someone like a i9 9900k, 34gb ram, 2tb hard drive with a 1tb ssd and a rtx 2080 ti 4gb x2 but I am by nature a solo guy I may if it got too stressful bring 2 people on board or hire freelancers to make assets for the game I was currently working on.
  2. FrontlineStudio

    Game engines

    For learning yes but there are a lot of people out there asset flipping and selling it for upwards of $60 also I really thing itf (in the future) godot will be up there because they are really trying to push 3d so I'm looking forward to it but ue4 I really want to develop in as long as I don't have any hardware limitations.
  3. FrontlineStudio

    Game engines

    Nice I do like unreal a lot more, I have felt like unity over the years has got it's self a bad name because of how some quote on quote developers have been super lazy and just asset flipped "there" (air quotations) whole game I heard godot is another good engine and it will be even better in 4.0 because of I believe it is the falcon rendering system that is getting implemented.
  4. FrontlineStudio

    Game engines

    Hey all I was wondering what is the best beginner 3d game engine for making fps games with no subscriptions to pay for at all and that isn't to hard on the hardware I'm running: I7 3770 3.4 ghz 16 gb ram GTX 1050 ti 4gb 1tb hard drive 250gb ssd
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