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  1. fields.of.elysium

    Underage Developer

    Hi all, I have a legal question. We are a small team of independent developers just beginning work on a PC game title that may one day end up as a commercial project. I expect the game will eventually have a PEGI rating of 18 due to mature content. The trouble is, one of our developers is 16. At this stage, I assume legal responsibility falls on the parents, but should we form a company or release commercially, what then? However, it may be some years before the project reaches that stage. Has someone else faced a similar situation and could give some advice?
  2. fields.of.elysium

    Total beginner and naïve idealist here. Advice needed.

    Thanks Stephan, I'm looking into Ren'Py again based on your recommendation. Yesterday I was doing some HTML & CSS tutorials and wondering about what software to use to simplify or streamline affairs, but if a product like Ren'Py can support all my game elements, that would be awesome. There is already so much design work creating the specifics of the game mechanics (character abilities and stats, items, combat system, staff hiring, economy, political and news events with modifiers, faction relations, etc.) that still coding everything as a total beginner would mean I'll be done in maybe 2050 Anything to speed things up. Truthfully though, I probably just have to reign in my ambitions and scope unless others collaborate at some point.
  3. fields.of.elysium

    Total beginner and naïve idealist here. Advice needed.

    Awesome, thanks again!!
  4. fields.of.elysium

    Total beginner and naïve idealist here. Advice needed.

    Thanks Guy, this sounds like the right path in terms of the benefits of web usage and the fact that I don't plan on 2D or 3D environments; at least not yet So this brings me onto deciding what to proceed with within JavaScript. Some research reveals GDevelop and Construct 3 as possibly the most suitable; at least that'd be my limited and uninformed assessment. Do you have any thoughts on it? Otherwise, thank you for all your help and I suppose it's time to start familiarising myself with JavaScript. Where to start...
  5. fields.of.elysium

    Total beginner and naïve idealist here. Advice needed.

    Thanks all. Godot looks very interesting. Are you hamstrung if you use a game engine and then later discover it doesn't really support all the desired features or those you decide later to add? RPG Maker was mentioned and actually I have that already. I got it (MV version) the last time I had this burning desire to create a game but never got a chance to use it. I downloaded it again the other day and tinkered with it but it felt like I needed to 'hack'/force the software to do things it wasn't intended to do, making its user-friendliness rather moot. High school computer science (nearly 20 years ago) included things like boolean algebra, logic gates, logic trees, etc. In Turbo Pascal we did the basics of 'while' and 'repeat' loops, types of variables, etc. I understand the idea of a function as well, more so from Microsoft Excel i.e. re-usable code that takes your input variables, manipulates the data somehow and returns an output. Nested ifs, true and false, etc. So I guess I have some foundation but no I don't know the correct syntax to actually achieve any of this in any programming language. I've done very basic macros and used some API scripts also, in Roll20 (virtual table-top for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons) where I have managed a campaign as a DM. So world-building and characters are more my thing If I were to try using something like Godot, there is some support for it out there? Code samples? I don't really understand what it means to use a 'game engine' as opposed to coding from scratch, but I guess it means there are already some functions or scripts or features established that you can call upon instead of writing them yourself? The Godot website lists GDScript, C#, C++ and visual scripting as options to use - what would be best for my purposes? Thanks again, sorry for the endless questions. I'm sure I'll be full of questions for a long, long time if I dare to embark on this journey!
  6. fields.of.elysium

    Total beginner and naïve idealist here. Advice needed.

    Thanks so much for the guidance, guys. Actually text adventures were exactly what I originally had in mind and figured might be sufficiently accessible. Recently though I was inspired by a game called Age of Gladiators - elements of which also reminded me of football manager and other management classics. While those are very stat-based, I would like to create a game that uses similar stats behind the scenes but which maybe feels more intuitive, where you don't have perfect information. You would have to slowly discover through various means what are the skills and traits of your team (be it gladiators, footballers or whatever). I would like the 'world' to feel alive with various news events (economic, political, etc.) that have effects on game economy, available of resources, etc. Then there are the text-based elements which may include decisions to be made when a certain event occurs, which can have variable choices based on the player character's (coach, lanista, whatever) stats or even moral inclinations. I feel these elements are all relatively 'easy' to code without 3D elements and such. As I am a nobody with no funds to offer, no one is going to code this for me, no matter my ideas. So, if I have to do it myself then I'd like to pick a language or engine that can well achieve this and which I could learn in a reasonable amount of time. I did to a bit of Turbo Pascal back in high school and I'm fine with advanced Excel, so I do have some foundational understanding of variables and functions, but creating a serious game is terribly daunting
  7. Hi all, So I am a long-time gamer and have a burning inspiration to create the games in my mind; the ideas for which haunt my thoughts and dreams. The problem is, I know almost nothing about programming. I was hoping for some advice on which programming language to learn in order to one day develop a primarily text-and-menu-based management game, with character and item databases, statistics, random events, etc. I imagine they can all do that, but ease of use is probably important for me.
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