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  1. I have, looks at scribbles on hand, 65816 experience! On a more serious note, I know a bit of C++ and am currently working on a program which takes pixelized letters in hex data and combines them to word images readable by the SNES (which is definitely not as simple as throwing the data one after the other). I can write some practical tools but haven't done any kind of game related code yet. Although if C#/Unity truly is easier, it's probably a better idea to go with that. A few of my friends and my brother do know how to program so I can ask for quick assistance if I do get stuck somewhere down the line.
  2. Hmm, I agree, what I need isn't a new engine the way you describe it. Basically, I want my own game instead of what SRPG studio would restrict us to, which is just free modding of what the devs made, with custom characters etc. it's not really a new engine, but I do need the game to run on my own code, with the functions listed above, which, as you mentioned, I could most likely buy or download. At least some of them. So I guess my question is more about which language I should use to write those pieces of code, and if there are common mistakes a beginner would make associated with them. (Do keep in mind that my AI will be quite a bit more complicated than "hit them hard" and will require pretty fast execution.) That being said, which engine do you recommend? And thanks, we'll need it!
  3. I'm interested in programming a new engine for a commercial game a few talented friends and I plan to make after our next translation project is complete. It already has English graphics so there's not much to do for me for those months. It will be a text and story heavy game, with gameplay similar to older Fire Emblems. So I need: -a dialogue system -grid and turn based maps (while pixel art, should be 3D in order for it to be tilted slightly instead of having the straight top-down view, perhaps with 3D effects such as cinders flying about) -RNG -combat animations separate from the map (a blackout followed by a new screen) -AI I think those are the most major functions of the engine I want. Is there a specific language I should do this in? Are there any pitfalls I might stumble into? Also yes, while platforms such as SRPG studio exist, they really don't look great, and as the graphics person, I don't look forward to working with that. I have a bunch of ideas we’d need our own engine for. (and yes I know this sounds overly ambitious) thanks in advance!
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