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  1. Kabesound

    Some demo pieces

    Thanks Alexander! I agree with you about the samples! Theres some samples I'm still not happy about and it bugs me a little. I'm not sure if the use of choir in the end is as good as I could do, since most choir samples are really crap and this one isn't still as good as I would want it to be. On the composing side, I really went with the flow and didn't much pay attention about it being a good and consistent theme for a game. It reminds me of more like a trailer or a movie soundtrack than a boss battle etc. Thanks for the feedback! -Kabesound
  2. Kabesound

    Some demo pieces

    Thank you Jbarrios! Every comment is greatly appreciated. I just uploaded a new theme, it's quite grand in scale, even a bit mysterious and fantasy-esque. The clashing metal sounds remind me of a dwarven forge or something. It's also possible to make two separate loops from this, one of which is more action packed and the other more like a background theme. Tell me what you think! -Kabesound
  3. Hi! I'm a young composer with many years of experience in music and composing. I've studied music and theory since I was 7. If you need music for your project or a game, send me a direct message or approach via mail: kabesoundsolutions@gmail.com
  4. Kabesound

    Some demo pieces

    Hi, I'm a young composer in my early 20's with many years of experience in music and some in composing. I've been playing classical piano since I was 7 and been experimenting with all kinds of music softwares since 2013 as a hobby. Now I'm composing music for games as a part time job. Tell me what you think about these demos I made, constructive criticism is more than welcome!
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