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  1. Seems the closest place to me is Atomic Games I think I might have better luck starting out with indie games given my lack of an extensive portfolio. Thank you for being so helpful ❤️
  2. I'm in Charlotte NC. I do have professional recording equipment from when I was making music though.
  3. So far I've done no acting outside of my own personal endeavors. This is really good to know though, I'll check into that asap
  4. Hello all! I have always been interested in doing voice acting, but it seems really difficult to get into. I have a quite strange voice which I have been told sounds similar to some cartoon characters, mostly Dendy from OK K.O who is played by Melissa Fahn. I'm capable of doing a wide range of voices, but I'm more so comfortable with upbeat characters. I am uploading a demonstration video to Youtube as I type this too! Any idea where to look/post about this??? I would really love to not only get my talents (and voice) out there but also help out some fellow game developers in the process. ❤️ Thank you for reading ❤️
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