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  1. hey I'm looking for a Programmer for a company called Bluestar Programming as it's a new company that just started up from a friend of mine as he wants to get this company up and running we have a discord for you to come in and see it as we are currently looking for those people that are good at programming games and other things and have the ins and outs of it and willing to teach a novice like myself in building my first game for this company we do have sometime to go over the details so here is the discord link with a brief summary of what we are. What is Bluestar Programming? Well for starters we are a development team of people who loves games, we want to help others learn programming in other ways other then what they already know if it is either bot development, game development, you name it we are here to help those that have no knowledge about these types of development processes. As we grow bigger we want to have your help in making this company bigger for all of us so we can bring more entertainment value to you guys. https://discord.gg/eWHeVNy please inquire within we are waiting to hear from you
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