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  1. Personally in my experience a month is more than enough time to get some serious work done, especially if it's just a small task for a larger project. For me, smaller projects that are copies of something that's been done before don't really help push me enough. That's just my opinion however. Still thank you for your advice That sounds great thank you, I'd definitely like to hear more. I'll message you some time tomorrow.
  2. Hello all!!! I'm Mert, a 2D artist and animator, and I hope to join a project to gain some more experience working on games. I can only work for the short term, meaning possibly no more than a month, with only 2-5 hours of work a week towards the project. You can find some examples of my work here: Mertgokberk.com @Ooopdoop (Instagram) Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to some juicy replies
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