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  1. Hello everyone, Ssjninja378 here. I'm the Lead for what I had originally dubbed 'Project Alesia'. It's now known as 'Alesia's Story Portcast High'. However, if I said I was going through this with no issues, I'd be a liar. I frequently run into issues and lack the resources or knowledge to overcome them. That's why I'm here. I'm on GameDev.net in order to find help for my first game. As amateurish as this sounds, my VN isn't going to try be conventional. I'll list my inspirations below: Doki Doki Literature Club Mystic Messenger JPDE Stardew Valley (loosely) RWBY Vale Of Darkness Now, those five games seem to have nothing in common, but they all have features I want to implement. I'll list them. Sense of mystery (DDLC) Fear of the unknown (DDLC/MM) Tension (All but Stardew Valley) Good writing (DDLC/MM/SV) Interesting plotline (MM) Currency system to purchase items (JPDE/SV) Horror (DDLC) Many pathways (Any VN ever) Interesting characters (MM) Now, I know this all seems like quite a lot. But I'm aiming to make, not another bland VN with nothing interesting, but a game for people to enjoy. If you wish to help, send me a private message. I'll reply as soon as possible.
  2. Hello all, Ssjninja378 here! I'm new to the world of Game Development. Well, kinda. I've been experimenting with TyranoBuilder and decided to make a Visual Novel. That was September last year. Now I'm looking for a team to help me with my little passion project. Here's a few quick requirements if you want to help. Must be capable of Volunteer work Writer, or writers, must be capable of writing a compelling story from a simple and admittedly cliche plot Character designer must be capable of sticking to an art style Background artist must be capable of sticking to a similar style as the characters All volunteers must be able to work at a moment's notice. (I can ask for help at any time) Voice Actors and Actresses must be capable of staying in role while recording lines (This one's a given, but outtakes are always nice) Music made for the game is SPECIFICALLY for the game. If posted elsewhere, it must link back to the game. CG Artists must be creative and stick to the context of the scene. I'm in need of pretty much everything but coders and a project manager. I can handle those roles. We don't have a deadline as I find that I work better when not under pressure. Despite this, I'm aiming for updates every two months until the game is complete, including a possible secret path.
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