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  1. greatwolf2222

    Step by Step guide for a new game

    Thanks both for your comments. Going to build a basic terrain and start work with the character. I will then look at the basics of crafting, eating and drinking. This will give me a small goal to work on for now and I will be able to add the food and drink bar to the game as well. Thanks again
  2. Hi All I am very new to game programming. I have a little knowledge in C# but nothing to sing about. I have an idea for a simple game where the player is stuck on an island and needs to survive by crafting items and finding food. My issue is I just don't know where to start. I know I will have to learn new things and have started to learn about Unity, which I am enjoying but none of the courses show you how to plan the steps required for the game, they just show you how to do things. I guess I am asking for some guidance on what steps would be needed to reach the end goal. Example, do I start with building the island first or do I look at the character first. If I go with the island, what do I need to learn to make this island. I know this is not an easy question and one that may not have an answer as every project is different, but I would interested in what other people do when they start a new project and how they break it down in to smaller chunks to achieve their end goal. Regards Andy
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