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    The Future of Gamedev is here. Welcome to the Ocugine - #1 cross-platform backend ecosystem for game developers. Our solution can provide all what you need for game development: backend and multiplayer services, analytics, marketing, user management, cloud-storage, databases, payment gate and other services for your games. Read our product presentation or Request a free demo Change your games backend realization with Ocugine. Create backend services, databases and content deliverysystems based on Secure, Fast and Easy-To-Use Ocugine Backend-Builder Services (BaaS). Smart Marketing and Analytics. Make your marketing smarter with Ocugine tools. Analytics, Funnels, Events & Conversions, Advertising and Targeting based on Machine Learning. Use a lot of instruments to automatization of your marketing process and increase IAP-revenue with Ocugine. Game Services and Multiplayer. Build your games faster with ready-to-use multiplayer and other game services with Ocugine. Join all services in one place with lightweight Dashboard and SDK for your games. Join us today!
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    Ocugine Services

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