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  1. Whilst opengl, this seems to imply inverse viewprojection should work, doesnt it? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33436963/most-accurate-way-to-calculate-view-frustum-corners-in-world-space
  2. Ah ok. That's unfortunate, as I have access to neither the view, worldview, or projection matrix. I may need to try a different approach. Thanks anyway
  3. Hi, In direct3D (DX9), I am wondering if I have the worldviewprojection matrix and the world matrix if its possible to extract the near and far z values that you would use to construct the projection matrix (i.e the zn and zf parameters here :https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/direct3d9/d3dxmatrixperspectivefovlh) From what I can gather, if i have the inverse of the viewprojection I should be able to multiply it by corner points on the near and far planes (e.g {-1, -1, 0, 1} and {-1, -1, 1, 1}) and get the corner points in world space. In the examples I have seen, divide my w and the resulting z values would give me zn and zf. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding something here? I would find the inverse of the world matrix, multiply it by the worldviewprojection to give the viewprojection, and then invert that? I haven't managed to get anything close to what I am after, attempting the above, however, just wanted to check the theory actually makes sense. Cheers Dave
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