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  1. Thanks for the answer! Guess I'll jump into Unity or RPG Maker and get going.
  2. Hi everyone, First off, a little bit about my background: I am currently working as an Analytic Consultant for a market research company in Germany. Before that, my first job after my International Business major was in Marketing for a major music label. I’ve been playing games since the N64 came out, did some graphic modding on Trackmania Nations when it was popular and I am currently playing around with the Overwatch Workshop. But overall, nothing even remotely comparable to the things you guys are up to. However, I’ve always been insanely interested in the games industry and while I’m trying to learn more and more of the technical skills (just started my masters in computer science alongside work), I’m still looking for ways to get into the business without necessarily needing many years of practice. Therefore, I was wondering if there are positions that solely focus on the idea/concept part of a game and if so, are those positions usually filled with people that have many years of GameDev experience? Would there be a skill set I could develop that enables me to get into those fields without having the technical background? My other question would be similar but aiming at a Consulting position that does not require any handy-on experience and what would the skill set be? If you have any other recommendations, I would also highly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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