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  1. AndyPett

    Victorian Horror Project

    Cool! I’ll check out the vlog.
  2. AndyPett

    Victorian Horror Project

    I really like the feel of this! Nice artwork! Love the fog! It's a little bit too dark to see any details some places, but that might be my screen settings needing adjustment.
  3. I can't reproduce that specific problem. And I don't know which changes you've made to your code now. But as long as I open two browsers and have two players, the code is working on my end. (However, if I just have one player some problems occur, but that might be something you're thinking about handling down the road?)
  4. It’s close to midnight here now and I’m just about to fall asleep, so I’m not looking at the code right now, but see if there is a possibility that the printinitial function is called before the register function is done. jquery is Async, so that might be it. Use the wait() operation in the backend or done() function on the client side if you can to make sure the printinitial function is not called prematurely.
  5. You're right. And once I fixed this line: chat.client.printinital = function () { to chat.client.printinitial = function () { (Notice the spelling error) it worked fine. However, if the user refreshes the browser, they will get a new connectionId, so down the road you are likely to not retrieve the correct connectionId as long as you only retrieve one of the first two that are registered.
  6. So, I have found a solution. It turns out that when you add connection Id's to your list, you add more and more (because a user will create a new connectionId all the time). But you still only check index 0 and 1 from the list, which contains a connectionId the user is no longer using apparently. So by using the Group I mentioned in my last post I was able to make it work. In the ChatHub class, add the following method: public void AddToGroup(string userId) { // You may want to add logic that prevents users // to have the same userId. I have not considered // that in this example. Groups.Add(Context.ConnectionId, userId).Wait(); Clients.Group(userId).printinitial(); } In the default.html page, add the following: $.connection.hub.start().done(function () { chat.server.addToGroup($('#Name')); }); Now, whenever you want to send notifications to a user, just use the Group call in stead of the Client call. Ex: if (integer == 0) { Clients.Group(userId).printinitial(); integer = integer + 1; } else if (integer == 1) { Clients.Group(userId2).printinitial(); }
  7. When debugging, can you verify that the code between if (integer == 0) or if (integer == 1) is being run? have you Verified the values for your connectionIds (in your Clients list?). Personally, I have used SignalR and added each user to a Group where the group name is their unique ID. This is because I can then know what their «ID» will be in stead of keeping track of all their connectionIds (which can be many). I will take another look when I Get in front of a computer. I am reading this on a small cell phone screen so I might be missing something.
  8. EDIT: I just noticed, you have called the function printinital (no i between t and a). That might be your problem. Original reply: Would you be able to provide the code on the client side as well? Have you tried console.log() function to verify that the printinitial function is being called?
  9. Bonjour! Ça và? I don't remember much French, but I used to be pretty decent with it. I am too looking for a group of people who want to build a business making games. I have my IT education from the Norwegian Technical University NTNU, and I have spent several years developing different kinds of software, apps, websites etc. I then transitioned into the movie business and have made several movies, some of which have won awards. In that regards I also became a trained actor, and last year I won the "best male actor" for my latest short film. (This sounds like an awful lot of bragging now, but I am just trying to show you that when I want to do something, I do it wholeheartedly and learn passionately about the subject in question to become the best I can be). I have now felt this burning desire to enter the game development world like I dreamed of all those years ago when I started programming. I am actually working on a game right now that resembles GTA V in style and player functionality. Although I have a lot of experience with programming, I am fairly new to Unity, so there is still much to learn. But I am very familiar with the C# programming language. So if you would be interested, I would love to talk about how I could contribute with both programming and voice acting if necessary (my accent is good, but not pure American). Andy
  10. So, in debugging, the method "register" i being called correctly? I see you are using if (integer == 0) -> where is the variable "integer" set? It is possible that integer is never 0 or 1, and therefore the functions are never called. Could that be the case, or is "integer" set somewhere else? Also, if integer == 0, no call to the printinitial function is being made.
  11. Hi! This sounds like a really interesting project, and one that I’d like to be a part of. short about me: i studied programming some 18 years ago, and worked a lot on different web projects before I went on to acting and movie Production, and then also Music Production. Recently I have started working on game Development and I’m currently working on an original idea in the GTA-genre. My background from movies has also provided me with a Large network of actors, SFX and Music producers who could contribute AS well. I would like to see how we can Get your game Developed and published! :0)
  12. Hi Isabella! I recently registered on this forum to see if I could find potential members of a team that wants to build great games, have high ambitions, but also have to do this in their spare time. Since I am 20 years older than you are, I have had time to gain some experience in different areas. First of all, I have a daughter your age, and I believe that to be able to succeed long term in this market, we must be where today's teenagers and kids are. You will be up front come the next 20 years of game development. I have started and been involved in several businesses, some successful and others not (trust me - you learn more by failing than succeeding). The past 10 years I have been in the movie industry both in Norway and lately the United States, and we recently completed a high school comedy that is likely to be released next spring. Because of that I have great experience in writing, producing, directing and acting, and I also have quite a few actor connections that could come in handy for game development. Starting on my own, I also had to do all sound post production, and so I have developed some skills and experience in that area. However, I would always prefer to use other professionals when possible. Before getting into the movie industry, I started a bachelor in computer programming, and have been doing some programming ever since, both websites and software. Personally, my favorite games are point-and-click adventure games, especially if comedy is involved, but I would love to get involved in several other types of games. I would like to talk to you about your visions and thoughts and see if we could put together a complete team for game development and start realizing the ideas we both likely have. Best regards, Andy Pett
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