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  1. Why does she have to not age? is the question I think, the reason why doesn't matter as much. No matter what you can't avoid critisism all together. Violence against a 15-16 year old girl compared to a 19 year old won't make a difference.
  2. PortaPlays

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    I'm no expert but I can share the tips I have gotten an echo what has already been said yeah keep writing. Try to write every day, anything doesn't matter. Don't feel like you have to stare at a blank page though or feel obligated to write on the same thing (story) until you are 'done' with it. If you feel stuck write something else and go back to it later. The more you write the more confident in your writing you will become. Don't throw stuff away, I have hundreds of google doc pages of things I written. non-fiction academic stuff, plain fiction, shorts, Tabletop RPG stuff and game stuff. Even if it's bad it might give you ideas later. On history I found it really useful to read and learn about world building for tabletop RPGs. Dungeon and Dragons etc. All that advice is easy to translate into writing for video games. The above sugfestion from Crashbang is a very useful for me aswell. Start with a place, just a location will give you questions and the answer will generete a history. Studying 'real' history can also be really helpful as the same 'rules' apply to your fictional worlds, well mostly...
  3. If you have a strong idea and connection to your neo-noir setting, try to let that inform your choices with both gameplay mechanics and the narrative. If the noir part is the important part, I would go with the brain implant route and make him an adult from the beginning maybe an ex-soldier or former criminal. As classic noir generally is about criminals or soldiers or violent men somehow. Loss and revenge, all that stuff. Trying to change your nature. So the brain implant one and two consciences struggling is very noir. If you have a stronger neo scifi element the changing body option seems better. Or if you attached to a specific gameplay mechanic let that inform your decision. But always pick the one you like the much, that makes the writing process easier I find.
  4. PortaPlays

    Accessibility in video games - Research paper

    thanks for the immediate feedback
  5. Hi I work in the games industry now but my background is in media and games studies. I wrote a long research paper on accessibility and dissabilities in video games and game design. I did a lot of research on the subject and I think it is important especially for game devs. Accessibility in game design can be easy and give you a bigger target audience as an estimated 20% of gamers have some kind of disability (by their own account) and most of the adult population will sustain a temporary disability before they retire. That means that a significant number of people might not be able to play your game and that usually go unnoticed. I would love to share my research and tips in some articles if there is any interest in the community.
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