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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking to gather some info on game development. (1) What's the length of a game development cycle like or how long does it typically take from start to finish? (2) What are common sales figures with a 12 month period for a new game after it's complete and published to a store page? If anyone could lend me some answers I would be greatly appreciative (even if it's a redirect to a helpful article or source). Thanks in advance. P.S. If it matters, I was thinking of an indie game of good quality that would theoretically gain hype and sell well. Dubois, Pepi
  2. Hi all, I'm curious if any developers or anyone in game business can help me out with a question on marketing a game. If you have experience working with a PR agency or know someone who has, would you mind sharing with me the typical cost for their service and any other details if able? Respectfully, I understand that there are mix opinions on marketing in video games but I'm honestly only looking for facts on numbers to use in my research. I have one source that I will share "HERE", with useful information but I'm looking for more numbers to cross examine and come to a conclusion. Any help would be greatly appreciate, Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Dubois, Pepi
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