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    Far From Gods

    Far From Gods is third-person story-driven adventure game. Inspired by A Way Out, Ashen, Souls-series and Yakuza games. The game will tell about a viking who got enslaved. The key goals of the game are to describe characters and their motivation, to set the atmosphere and tell the horrors that enslaved person goes through, to establish a language barrier and immerse the player in plot events. We using the Unreal Engine to create the game. The game process is story based so there will be a lot of cut-scenes, the player will need to interact with the enviroment, play mini-games and fight in a souls-like duel based battles (up to 3 enemies, so they will be more like a boss batlles). The most closest games in terms of gameplay are A Way Out, with the souls-like games fights. Graphic style is combination of low-poly and toon styles, with little grey atmosphere. Also we want to combine smooth and flat style models with solid textures and normal maps for specific models. A little mesh up but we hope it will work. For now we almost finished the content part of the game, controller The first location and working on fight mechanics and characters. loka.mp4 For now team consist of 12 awesome peoples from Slavic countries. But we work on game in our free time, coz everyone has main work to feed themselves!) Currently we working on demo of the game to find publisher and set the game as our main priority and main work!) If you like our project please follow us on twitter - Far From Gods Twitter
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    Far From Gods

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