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  1. Quote:Original post by RivieraKid heavy metal gigs this. esp. when its your gig and your band that's headlining.
  2. GarlandIX

    Wiring a guitar...

    It looks to me like it should work. Make sure any shielding or ground wires coming from the pickups are properly grounded. In other diagrams, wires are sometimes soldered to the bottoms of the pots as a shortcut for grounding. Usually there is another wire from that point that runs to the bridge, but sometimes people get lazy (bad idea, since improper grounding can give you noise problems).
  3. GarlandIX

    Learning to play the Guitar

    Quote:Original post by Senses777 My question: I have a guitar and amp (just a borrowed one for now), and I'm considering buying a guitar learning guide, namely the one for $200 here: $200 is a pretty hefty pricetag. Has anyone here bought it? The reviews online that I can find for it all say it's great, but they also all give links which appear to be referral links granting them commission, so I'm a little skeptical. Thanks! Honestly, $200 is way too much for something like that, and would be better spent on a good teacher. If you want to check out some decent online guitar lessons, try something like, or look for good books to learn from. Quote:Original post by ulrichmc (unlike some who hide lack of musical creativity behind awe-inspiring chops *cough*Malmsteen*cough*) I'm sick of all the Malmsteen bashing that goes on these days (especially in guitar forums...). People tend to forget that people like Becker and Friedman would have never developed such amazing neo-classical shred abilities without Malmsteen paving the way and pretty much creating that style. Look at any early videos of Jason Becker and its all very much influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen. Not to mention that Malmsteen is an amazing musician in his own right. Sure he's a bit boring and full of himself now, but he's put out some great music in his time.
  4. GarlandIX

    One reason i love Americans...

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight See, it's because we have so much land. Our population density is so low that we NEED larger machines to keep everything looking proportionatly correct with the rest of the world. It's also why there is no such thing as a housing bubble right now. Ever been to San Diego?
  5. GarlandIX

    Where are you going to school? What classes are you taking?

    I'm starting my first quarter at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I'm majoring in Computer Science and I'm gonna go for a minor in music as well. My classes are: CPE 101 Fundamentals of Computer Science MATH 141 Calculus I PHYS 121 College Physics 1 MU 120 Music Appreciation ENGL 134 Writing: Exposition (maybe, currently waitlisted on that one >_<) Only one CS class to start out with, and the only music class I can really take is most likely going to be the boring one (but its required for the minor anyway, so this gets it out of the way. It is rather annoying though how we have to take so many general ed. classes. Honestly I would much rather be taking CS and music classes exclusively, but its probably gonna be a while before that happens...
  6. GarlandIX

    Steve Irwin IS DEAD!

    How the freaking hell does someone who wrestles crocodiles for a living get killed by a stingray??
  7. GarlandIX

    Let's make Descent 4

    Descent ruled so much. Not enough love for this game anywhere. One of the best games ever imo.
  8. GarlandIX

    Le Gig!

    Last show I was at was Alice in Chains at the Del Mar Racetrack here in San Diego. It was pretty cool seeing them live although they seem like only a shadow of what I imagine they were like when Layne was still alive. It was also entertaining (yet sad) seeing Jerry Cantrell get pissed off and storm off the stage at the end of the show because someone threw some random object on stage (looked like a shoe to me but it was hard to tell) and hit him in the face. Before that I went to Sounds of the Underground, some pretty cool bands there, notably In Flames and GWAR, both of which were amazing. GWAR left me covered in blood with a nasty scrape on my elbow from falling down crowd surfing that has yet to heal almost a month later. In Flames was amazing as always. Trivium made me want to run on stage and slap them (guys, just because you play Dimebag's guitars and cover Master of Puppets does NOT make you anymore "old-school" than the rest of the shitty metalcore bands you sound exactly like). Cannibal Corpse and Shadows Fall were notable for the HUGE circle pits they managed to get going. Absolutely insane. At CC I got taken out by some guy and had to stagger out of the pit in a daze, only to run back in for their last song. Awesome show. <3 outdoor metal festivals. And of course, before that, the best show of all was the Unholy Alliance tour. Mastodon, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Slayer. I was on the rail for the first three, and had to leave right when Slayer came back due to extreme dehydration and exhausion from being CRUSHED during Lamb of God's set. So I ended up watching slayer from the side, where it was no less amazing. Instead of the wall of speaker cabinets that most bands put up, they had giant inverted crosses of speakers that went all the way to the ceiling (that is VERY tall). I tried to get back to the rail at one point and pretty much got crushed, the crowd was completely insane for Slayer. Mastodon was absolutely amazing, they are a great band and are getting better and better each album. Children of Bodom was also amazing, they are probably my favorite live band of all time. They put on a great show, almost as good as Slayer. Lamb of God was a bit of a dissapointment, they just didn't sound that great, and compared to Mastodon and Bodom, they sounded pretty damn lame. I also was getting completely crushed by the crowd during their set, which made it even harder to enjoy them. I was surprised since I'm a prety big Lamb of God fan and I expected that I'd be into their live show a lot more, but I guess it was an off night. Its ok though, I'll see them again next month at GIGANTOUR with Megadeth (my all-time favorite), Opeth, Arch Enemy, and Overkill. I'm sure that will be a great show. So yeah, metal rules. I love going to shows. Metal + Guitar playing have pretty much supplanted games and programming in my life for a long time now.
  9. GarlandIX

    What're You Reading?

    Currently Reading: Shadowrun (my friend's been begging me to play with him, the rules are actually rather interesting, esp. coming from a dnd background) Just Finished: Exultant by Stephen Baxter Will read soon (when I have time): The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
  10. GarlandIX

    How high can you... hear?

    I'm 16 and I just got back from Sounds of the Underground (loud metal show), and I can hear all of them. However, I suspect that my headphones might not be totally reproducing the real high frequencies properly.
  11. GarlandIX

    Extreme pain

    My worst have been: -Poison Oak Holy mother of God, I hope I never get that again. Its not outright painful like most of the other stuff in this thread, but it is the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing imaginable, especially when it convers your entire body and there are giant chasm-like scars across your arms due to the uncontrollable itching. It also makes sleeping impossible since pretty much anyway you lie you are extremely uncomfortable and you end up itching in your sleep and making it worse. -Sunburn Not terribly a big deal most of the time, but when your torso is burned so bad you can't raise your shoulders (the skin was like LEATHER) and wearing clothes causes you extreme pain and discomfort, it really sucks. Fortunately this is about the worst I've experienced that I can remember.
  12. GarlandIX

    adult swim, what have you done!

    I get the feeling lately that a lot of Adult Swim's programming lately is directed towards bored-stoner types, thus the really strange and wacky shows, and them picking up pee-wee's playhouse. For example, two of the shows that people complain about a lot, Tom Goes to the Mayor and 12. oz Mouse, are absolutely hillarious when you are high as hell. Squidbillies on the other hand, sucks no matter what. However, there are still a lot of good shows on Adult Swim (Harvey Birdman, Venture Bros, Robot Chicken, Boondocks, Space Ghost when they actually show it, etc.), so I'm not too concerned yet.
  13. GarlandIX

    The official "X on a Plane" game

    Quote:Original post by Hedos edit: Just realized this animal actually is the paresseux, (french translation), a very well known animal and his common name in french actually translates to "lazy". Didn't recognize it from the pic, so well, after consideration, it would not be scary on a plane. The word "Sloth" is pretty much slang for "lazy" in english as well.
  14. GarlandIX

    Online Guitar Lessons?
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