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  1. Sable Prince

    game engine development

    innovative game engine idea, creative mind needed to appreciate the artistic based engine idea The Engine is called Spirit Engine Looking for developers that might be interested in an artistically beautiful game engine development project, email rhythmbad@hotmail.com for serious enquiries and more info on the project base
  2. how bout a game where you want to take over the city but you can do so by any means possible, ex. you can choose the gang you try to meet and join at the bars or something and there are all sorts of different people you can just chance meeting and whatnot that make connections for you ambitions, a good name for this idea would be Thug Passionz: Le Sans (Le sans being the name of the city)
  3. Sable Prince

    spirit engine development

    Im a little shy on technical matters to be honest, Spirit Engine is suppose to make a vibrant game world, (giving a little secret info...), I originally came up with spirit for a brand name for a cool gaming console, aka spirit console. I chanced looking at some gameplay and art and just solely from the name idea Spirit style sorta jumped out at me. I saw a vibrant more interactive game world and I figured if an engine could be made to do what I saw it would be next gen stuff. Don't know if everyone follows me, you could call me crazy, but a little creative thinking about the one of a kind name feel and it might savvy, is that a good answer?
  4. Sable Prince

    spirit engine development

    kk, have a potential investor lined up... and its nextgen stuff for all u passionate ones
  5. Sable Prince

    spirit engine development

    Hi, I am not a programmer but I have an inspiration for an advanced game engine and I am wondering if it is possible, more focused on a vibrant high then realism. If it could be done with technology and programming today it would be the nextgen of engines. Please email me at rhythmbad@hotmail.com for more information or if you might be interested in creating it.
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