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  1. Welcome! Mythicast: Arcane Academy is an online mobile rpg with many forms of gameplay that revolves around drawing symbols. While the main gameplay focus is combat we will also be focused on Social gameplay and accessibility. Scroll down to learn more! A Magical World of Wonder!(Stories) A Free Fantasy Social Role-Playing Game with in app Purchases and subscription services. Live the life of a mage at Mythicast: Arcane Academy. Learn to cast powerful spells to help protect and serve the island of Mythicast and the magic it holds. Assist the 4 guilds with various day to day tasks through the island, and even save the entire world from giant magical threats. There's a lot of work to be done on Mythicast! Show off your Style!(Character Creation) Customize your character and show your style off in the world of Mythicast! Earn Mythicoins by completing adventures and quests. Edit these items by using vibrant and colorful dyes. Equip your Spellbook with powerful spells, then craft magical crystals that increase the power of equipped spells! Cast Flashy Spells(Game Play) Regardless if your casting spell for battle, to find a hidden object or to show off during a fashion contest, casting uses the same core system throughout the game. Players must draw a combination of simple shapes to cast spells. Remembering what each shape represents, is a big factor for spell casting during any situation. The more accurate the player draws a spell the more powerful it will be. Hang out with friends from all over the world(Social) Players will be able to create their account and use their customizable characters to interact with others all over the world while in game and outside the game. This goes much further than just connected game play, players will be able to follow, spectate, create and join chat rooms, cheer each other on and share exciting in game moments and more!
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