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  1. UUCyberSteve

    Looking for a team to work on my innovative ARPG

    Hi Christian, Thanks for writing. At this time the project it too new to be considering music, but we will keep you in mind for the future. However, I do have one question ... have you ever made any native indian (Mapuche) scores? If so, could you send a small sample, please. Saludos, - Steve
  2. UUCyberSteve

    Looking for a team to work on my innovative ARPG

    Posting an update ... We now have an artist and a temporary programmer on the team. We are still looking for all of the other positions. I have also posted two new screenshots and we are working on getting a video made asap!
  3. UUCyberSteve

    Looking for a team to work on my innovative ARPG

    Hello and thanks for replying Shaarigan. On top of the story description in the project, this primal world (ie no tech) is an alien planet with those 3 mentioned factions as the human-level intelligent inhabitants. There are 8 energies that are ruled by 8 gods and each playable race is aligned to one of those energies/gods. The world that I am envisioning was specifically built around and for supporting the unique game features. Story/environment-wise your world first reminded me of ShadowRun. As for coming together, how would you envision that?
  4. Hello everyone, I am in early development of an ARPG that is designed from the ground up to address some of the issues with existing ARPGs and provide some new features on top of that. You can read more about the project here: https://www.gamedev.net/projects/1614-natural-balance/ While this project is in its infancy, the initial goal is to produce a worthy demo to promote the game and seek funding. To do that, the project needs additional team members. Since this is posted in the hobby section, all positions are unpaid until funding can be obtained to move it out of hobby status. A strong passion for ARPGs is a HUGE bonus! Positions Needed: (in order of priority) Art Director - Leader for setting the direction of all of the art (2D & 3D) for the project; Demonstrable UE4 development experience is required for this position; it can also fill one or more of the art roles below Concept Artist(s) - Produce concept art UI Designer - Design, art, and creation of the UI elements; UE4 development experience is required for this position 3D Modeler(s) - rigging a bonus; UE4 experience a plus Level Designer - UE4 experience is preferred Technical Director - Leads the UE4 programming - Focus on C++, but Blueprint and backend (json, Node.js, MySQL) experience is a bonus; Demonstrable UE4 development experience is required for this position Creative Writer - Expand or improve the existing history and story elements Particle Effects Artist - Create particle effects; UE4 experience is preferred Programmer - UE4 development experience is required (C++ and blueprint) Marketing Director - Marketing and community management; Not currently needed, but accepting requests in case of interest NOTES: All positions must be able to speak / read English Able to use Discord for voice communications All art roles should provide a portfolio to be considered Additional details of the game will be provided to team members who are selected Any and all participation will be noted and credited Thank you for your time and consideration!
  5. UUCyberSteve

    Natural Balance

    GAME DESCRIPTION: An online ARPG where the activities of every player in the game world affects the global energy balance of an entire server region. Complete a quest, pray at a shrine, kill an opposing faction, use the transportation system, and other actions all increase and/or decrease associated pools of energy. When there is too much of an imbalance in a pool, events occur for everyone. And since players can have characters on both sides, it creates a never ending struggle that produces unscripted results to support long-term replayability. All of this while progressing through a story and end-game content that you would expect. GAME STORY: While the Elementals and the Primals wage a never-ending war over the use of their associated energies, a lone Uman learned how to harness every energy type. Until now, the semi-primitive Umans were just a minor annoyance. But this new figure has captured the attention of both sides as he has amassed so much power to now be a threat for everyone. KEY GAME DEVELOPMENT TENANTS: To develop a top tier ARPG that maintains the core essence of an ARPG, but designed with a better balance of features To address many of the shortcomings of similar games Add unique gameplay features to help with replayability Flexibility - accessible to novices but challenging to the experts Polish is important UNIQUE GAME FEATURES: Global energy system - maintain a natural balance ... or not Deity Relics - Truly unique items Raids - A version for an ARPG for taking on the gods Initially 2 playable Factions, each with 4 Races Simple “packages” or full control for assigning passive traits + the standard features that make an ARPG an ARPG NEXT DEVELOPMENT GOAL: Produce a reasonably polished, working demo to be used to seek funding CONTACTS: Discord Group - https://discord.gg/k9j23Fe
  6. UUCyberSteve

    Natural Balance

    Album for Natural Balance
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