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    Shadows and light on Kepler 22

    Nice article, One thing though, shadows should not "subtract" light but "oclude" light. This way, lights affect only pixels that are not ocluded and the problem of shadows going across the walls goes away.
  2. I thought the handle came from the boost lib that's why i said it should not be exposed but i was mistaken, sorry. I realised my error when reading your code again. Anyway, what i like in promises is how they can be chained. It would be nice if your handle could handle that ;)
  3. Can't you have a sort of promise interface and an implementation wrapping the handle ? Of course you need to expose à cancelation flag, this is user responsibility to abort processing when requested. There's no way to do it from outside. As a personal preference, i like the bluebird implementation of js promises. I didnt write c++ code for a long time. Maybe ill give it a try for fun, but i can't promise ;)
  4. I'm not sure that passing the handle is a good idea. It should be an implémentation detail. You should go with the concept of promises like in Javascript, i like how simple and easy to use they are. Probably one of the best design for an async lib.
  5. C# is also pass by value, as is c++. I don't think you can pass the array without cloning it first in C#. In C# you can easily implement deep copy by serializing an object graph using a binary serializer, and then deserialize the object graph to obtain a clone. It's not a perfect solution, but at least it's a generic one, maybe you can do something similar in java ?
  6. Eddycharly

    BSP trees with modern OpenGL

    BSP trees allow to easily traverse the scene in back to front order from any point in space, so you can render a scene without z buffering. For a modern renderer BSP trees are too complex and restrictive. Z buffering is a lot more flexible.
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