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  1. Hey everyone! Found this on Google and thought I'd share this here. Figured it might be useful for other newbie game designers like me still figuring stuff out. Game design resources and other stuff. I haven't read all the books but I did read Level Up!. Thought it was a great and easy read, although Game Feel was the better read for me cause I'm more of an 'intuition' designer than a technical one. So it resonated with me the most I guess? I've also been watching a lot of Game Maker's Toolkit and Ask Gamedev (discovered them on my own on YouTube). Never seen the others, so can't comment. I think Ask Gamedev is really great. Found a lot of platforms that I think are ideal to distribute my upcoming game on thanks to them. Snowman Gaming: I'm not really into the vlogging style of content creation; II prefer lists and step by step advice kinda stuff, so that's why Ask Gamedev appeals to me. But he's great as well! Just a matter of personal taste. What do you guys think about the other YouTube channels and books listed? IMHO, they're all probably great. But I'm just deciding on what stuff to invest my time in, since I work a boring 9-5! Thoughts? P.S. Really appreciate the effort that all of them put into their content.
  2. theswaggers

    What feelings does this soundtrack make you?

    I see an expansive horizon. (I veer towards an empty, vast planet surface, in space! Cause I love sci-fi) A hero stands facing the horizon at the beginning. Evening sun. Camera pans, I see an approaching army. The enemy. But they aren't rushing. They're taking marching at a steady space, and the army is huge. The middle section pans back to the hero, and behind him is his army. The good guys. There are some who are fearful, some who look resigned. They know their chances of defeating this army isn't good. But there is a thread of hopefulness that ties them together. They are ready to fight, despite the odds. Which leads into the optimistic ascending at the end. Rousing determination as the leader turns to face his army, with the backdrop of the enemy approaching. The time has come; the fate of this planet is to be decided. And if need be, they will die to defend it. Hope that helps!
  3. theswaggers

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    I think you're wanting to use history as a form of world-building, like lore? Have you taught about borrowing ideas from varied cultures? Like, for example, instead of relying on tropes relating to what you're familiar true, try borrowing cultural ideas from the Japanese (that's what Star Wars did, for example), Chinese (e.g. Romance of the Three Kingdoms), India, or other places. When I say borrow, I just mean using the themes are skeletons to flesh out your own history of conflict, strife, tragedy, etc. Just an idea anyway! Hope it spurs some inspiration!
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