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  1. CTGames

    Schedule of Tournament

    This actually gives me a good idea of how to fix it, so thank you very much
  2. CTGames

    Schedule of Tournament

    Ex. We have two divisions (A + B) with 5 teams in each of them. Each year all teams in division A will have to meet one team from division B on a rotating basis. Year 1: TeamA1 - TeamB1, TeamA2 - TeamB2, TeamA3 - TeamB3, TeamA4 - TeamB4, TeamA5 - TeamB5 Year 2: TeamA1 - TeamB2, TeamA2 - TeamB3, TeamA3 - TeamB4, TeamA4 - TeamB5, TeamA5 - TeamB1 Etc. That is easy enough to build. The issue is if each team will need to meet two teams from the other division where one of the games are "fixed". With fixed I mean that they will always meet that team. So if TeamA1 - TeamB1 is fixed then TeamA1 needs to meet TeamB2 year 1, TeamB3 year 2 and TeamB4 year 3 Let us then say that TeamA2 - TeamB2 is also fixed then TeamB2 will meet TeamA1 year1 etc. I hope this makes sense
  3. CTGames

    Schedule of Tournament

    It is because we are two guys who are trying to make a College Football simulator game in our sparetime
  4. CTGames

    Schedule of Tournament

    Hi I am trying to create (schedule) a tournament in C#, but I am having some problems which I hope you can help with. The scenario is that we have two divisions with x number of teams in each division (same amount of teams in each division). Each team has one fixed fixture each year against the same opponent in the other division. Our problem is to code the following scenario: Each team needs to play one team from the other division on a rotating basis each year, and it can't be the fixed opponent. Do anybody know how to solve that? Either in C# or pseudo code BR
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