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    The Flying Bubble

    Shoot the bubble in the right direction to the safe clouds. The main goal is to pass levels by finding the red cloud. As you pass levels, the game will become more and more hard and challenging.Just help the bubble to conquer the Earth’s atmosphere. FEATURES- Drag and release bubble to jump on another cloud, pass levels, get rewards.- Simple gameplay. Just a single rule: be attentive!- 50 Levels with exponentially increasing difficulty. Hard to win. The game is quite challenging.- Checkpoints - make checkpoints and continue the level from the last cloud.- Trajectory - activate flying trajectory in advance, and pass the hardest obstacles.TIPS- There's always a better path to the finish. Pass the levels by finding the easiest paths.- Avoid poisoned purple clouds, sharp objects, thunder clouds and get the bubble to the finish line.- Don’t forget to enable the bubble’s trajectory visibility or to make a checkpoint. I’ll be happy to read feedback from you here or in the Play Store. Thanks in advance!
  2. MMihran

    The Flying Bubble

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