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  1. Doolwind

    Deferred lighting and instant radiosity

    Another great article, thanks for sharing your insights. I think it's worth giving a plug to a friend of mine who came up with a new deferred rendering technique, it may be worth you having a look.
  2. Doolwind

    A bit of history

    I think you're always going to get people whining and complaining, particularly with gamers. I wouldn't let the words of a few (or one) sway you as I know of at least 4 (including myself) senior level game developers that read every entry of your journal looking forward to the next one. Perhaps it's jealousy from someone that wishes they were as good as you. Most people I know within the games industry wish they could put something out even half as good as the tech we see coming from these pages. Keep up the good work and I think I speak for most people when I say that we're happy to wait "until it's done" for this game. Doolwind --------------------- Development Diary
  3. Doolwind

    Descriptions generator

    Thanks for sharing your experience with setting up NLG. I have a very simple comment unrelated to the tech, but more its usage. From previous experience I've found that players would rather have slightly more control over their character than simpling "rolling" for it. The problem is that players will often have a fairly specific style in mind and if the only way of choosing this is through chance/luck then it requires them to keep rolling until they finally get what they want. If you could allow players to determine their actual history (eg set the values on the right hand side in your prototype) then they could tailor their character more easily. You've already spoken about how certain characteristics will have both a negative and positive effect and this should mean there is no "perfect" choice for the character. An example of this is in the way Baldur's Gate/Neverwinter Nights handles character creation. What you are creating is completely different, but the important point is that they used to have rolls determining your stats. This rewarded players who "rerolled" for minutes to hours to get the perfect character they wanted. This has been changed in later games to letting the player allocate their points manually. This allows both more freedom and stops the need for repetition to get a "better" character or one that is closer to what they want. Doolwind
  4. Doolwind

    Space combat prototype - phase 8

    Have you thought about using FMOD for your sound? I'm using it in my game at the moment and so far it's been excellent. It handles all the mapping of voices and allows loading in of heaps of different audio types. It's a lot higher level than OpenAL and has some excellent pricing points. Doolwind
  5. Doolwind

    Space combat prototype - phase 5

    The video looks excellent. Just wondering why you aren't using attachment points in your models so you know exactly where turrets should be placed and where laser fire should originate from. The artists can then tweak them as much as they need and it'll save you going back and forward all the time. Doolwind
  6. Doolwind


    That's looking awesome. It's always good to see a single coder pumping out worlds better than most huge multi-million dollar teams. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing some full transformations from one planet out into space and down to another planet.
  7. Doolwind

    Forgot the mandatory pictures

    That's looking great Ysaneya. Do you have any plans for optimization other than LOD's and imposters? Such as grouping trees together into 'forests' for better batching.
  8. Doolwind

    And some worldbuilding, while on the subject...

    Wavinator- I've been following your journal for a while now and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Your future history was a great read, having such a detailed world is really going to help your game. Look forward to your future posts. Doolwind
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