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  1. my kinda newest project, i love rock and these are basically synthesized rock songs. every instrument was designed using the same synth in FL studio. thought u guys might like it, reminds me of classic video game music
  2. This album i made earlier this year. I synthesized everything, drums and leads. Its pretty fun, so enjoy. Also if you listen to it laying in bed at night, the last song gets you a nice relaxing high then drift off to sleep.
  3. unclehando

    Feedback Appreciated

    hey there. I'm also a music "maker" lol what daw do you use? also i like Epiphany a lot. could definitely hear on like a movie or game. Do you use samples for the pianos or is it live playing? do you also do sound design? I would listen on headphones another time to give better feedback. a link to my stuff is in my sig, music production has always been my weaker side(as apposed to song writing), tho i love Rock music and tend to make music that sound raw and under produced, but I'm getting better
  4. unclehando

    Becoming Music Composer for Games

    cool, thanks for the reply😀
  5. Hi, I've been trying to make games for a long time (like my old game maker days) A few years ago I Actually made my first game on unity3d. did sound design, story, pixel art, music and everything myself. Im proud of myself, but realized, although i love games, music is more my passion. I have been writing albums and eps none stop for the last 3 years. But now i would like to try creating music for something bigger than myself. I'm not looking for anything too serious, just want to get my work out there and maybe help out some other aspiring game developers. here is some of my work 🤗 this one has an example of my sound design at the beginning, was trying to make something mechanical, like turning on a printer this one is a classic example of my experiments creating video game soundtrack music(minus the video game)
  6. Hi, I've been interested in game-dev for a long time. but then realized music is my main passion. I've written and produced music for a while and just wondering what it takes to become a composer for video games. My music style is like a mix of rock and electronic, similar to mega-man games and stuff like that. Although i love creating music, a career in the music industry is not something i would like. I rather create music with certain feelings and concepts, that serve a purpose. Tho right now, realistically, computer programing is my Major and what i believe is the better career choice. However, just wondering if anyone has experience making music for games, and any advice. Although, I'm sure its as simple as "Study music and start your career in music first" but I'm self taught, and not classically trained. is there any place in these forums to collaborate with others, who are looking for composers for their games? or just to share some stuff i made? thanks in advance
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