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  1. Hello. I'm blind. There are audio games for the blind. I should briefly describe this for your understanding. Let's take, for example, such popular video games as Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Mafia, etc. But as I said above, this is video games. If you remove the video from these games. Leave only the sound. What will we get? I can play these games using 3D sound. I can understand where the enemy is with 3D sound. I can aim at the enemy. In video games there is one drawback, the sight has a height parameter. This is how audio games work. We have a playing field, a game maps. We can navigate this map. We can shoot at enemies, aiming at 3D sound. Such games are developed with the help of the BGT sound games engine. But this is not ideal, and now developers are switching to other programming languages. What programming language can I use for my tasks? C++ seems like the perfect option. But if I want to develop applications with C++, even using libraries, I'll spend a lot of time learning C++ before I can start developing simple applications. Python. Among the blind developers at this time Python is very popular. Most blind developers advise using Python. But I saw only a few games that we got in the end. Python pushes me off first of all by the speed of code execution. You can say: "If you are not satisfied with the speed of Python code execution, optimize it with cython", etc. But I'll answer: "I don't want to waste time optimizing the performance of my applications." C#. Very good language. I like the C# syntax. But I cannot use Unity, it's not accessible to the blind. I can use monogame only. For this reason, I'll need to use libraries such as OpenTK. What should I choose? Does it make sense to use C#? Maybe it makes sense to learn C++ and use C++ and Python in conjunction? Thanks in advance!
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