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  1. So....I've asked on all sites I can,but still noone can help me.Unreal forum is so quiet it's even strange I saw someone posting there,stacks overflow,as had said one man in the description,is not suited for such question.And then idea hit me:maybe GameDev can make some difference?So,I'd like to ask you people for help. I am sitting since the start of the day and try to beg my Epic launcher to install Unreal Engine.Shortly speaking,everything is working in order,except that when i go Unreal Engine->library and try to install the latest version of engine,nothing really happens.The button just clicks and does nothing,no new window,error...nothing at all.I've already tried all standart options:reopened the launcher,reloaded windows and even reinstalled Epic Games launcher,but it makes no difference.I even tried to install other versions and check my free space at the disc,but I guess 13 GB is enough for engine,right?So,I have no idea how lucky must I be to encounter some strange monster,which face I can't even see.Can someone help me with that?
  2. EndOfTheGlory

    Proof of the project

    Well,hello everyone.I am currently a young beginner programmer,who strives to dig as much information about everything I am interested in.I often google and seek for advices.This post is related to this and I hope someone can clearly answer on question on which I am thinking for days. So,my question is,where/how/in which way do I keep record of project?Which projects are notibale enough to write the in the list? I see countless advices to keep records of projects,but it confuses me very much.Sure there are a lot of cunning people who can just sneak some project,to which they have no relations at all.And programmers,their bosses and ect. ,for whom logic is a bread for life, sure are not dumb either.They must have some way to proof that validity of information. And I think,they don`t need to that themself:those who are seeking for their projects to ckeck up must do it themselfs. And this logic leads me to the the question above.Than there must be some resource or anything I can post my project with something like signature saying: 'it`s mine,don`t try to steal it,*****!',right?I can create personal site in the future,but again,it`s no proof,I can just smuggle Call Of Duty there and say:'acctualy I did big job there,it`s my baby'.After all,one of the programmers in the team had the same name as me. I can tell that skills will be tested when I say something,but all people are busy and will not invite an army and than check up their skills. So,if there is indeed something like site for personal projects,how do I need to give the infromation?I can say something like 'this is my godlike project.Rejoy,mortals!'.Anyone looking in portfolio will just think I am mad because I don`t know some unsaid rules,which say in which way and how I need to explain my project,ect. and be done with me. And the last question is considering the projects themself.Which projects are worthy of beeing entitled listed in my portfolio? Will be very thankful for clear advices!👃 P.S.-no english speaker,it`s a foreign language for me,although I understand it almost as my own.That`s why there may be some mistakes above.
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