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  1. Pitch Black A Dusklight Story

    Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story

    Thank you very much @PloxDev we really appreciate your support! If you're ever interested in learning more you can always join our Discord for all the VLOGS, blogs, updates and if you want to submit, you can! https://discord.gg/mvaxWrj
  2. Pitch Black A Dusklight Story

    Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story

    Hello there! We at Purple Jam Limited are currently developing #PitchBlack : an original, immersive #audiogame project which features a complex, dramatic story-line told through the binaural medium. #indiedev #unity We're very keen to build a community for our game through our #Discord which we will link with our other socials at the end of this post! The aim of #PitchBlack is to deliver something which has rarely been seen by the gaming industry; an audio only game which features an immersive open world created with binaural audio. We're very excited about the project which has already received a substantial backing in various forms, including support from the UK's leading blind charities upon the release of a Kick-starter for the game in September. Our two main objectives are this; to create a compelling and gripping narrative driven by a lore rich universe, and to build a community which includes all of you in the creation of this undertaking. You can find out more information at our Discord, which has feed links to all of our social media. Thank you for taking a read! https://discord.gg/e8xb2b4 https://twitter.com/dusklightpro
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