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  1. @Shaarigan @DerTroll @Green_Baron Hey guys, I just want to say thanks for your input very much appreciate it.
  2. Hello everyone, Tldr: please skip to questions I would like to start creating my own game. I used the Squad Mod kit (ue4) , Maya and substance painter/ Designer and a little bit of b2m for some time now. I also took a look into blender and unity. I did this for about a year on and off when ever I had the time. I followed payed and free Tutorials to get a very basic understanding in game development. I still feel like my workflow is messy and not very "professional" There are many answers out there, I feel like iam stuck in reading Blogs and forum posts, searching for a definite answer where maybe there isnt one. "Questions" I need a setup that can do "everything" *please leave your thoughts/answer/tips if you have any. *when possible please link a Tutorial or learning Material to a topic Thank you 1) Hardware Running a "gaming" PC. The one complaint I have is that loading for example the squad kit takes *ages*. 8700k, 32gb ram@3600, 2080ti, cheapo nvme Kingston A1000, some tb wd hdds. I would like to put my 8700k in a new pc that I would use as home "Server". And get a i9 9900k for my Main rig. Server: cheapo z370, wd reds, maybe optane? Small nvme/ssd Monitors: two 32 inch 100% sRGB wqhd, one vertical 1080p, one 4k TV for reference and Media consumption. I dont know if every Software is good to use with 4k monitors today that's why ive choosen wqhd. 2) Backup, file Organisation and Management My worst nightmare is to loose Progress because I f'ed up. File Backups on offline and online Server (like one drive) with automatic sync Software? Version control with git? What's the best way to organize your files local? 3) Software to learn I am pretty sure I like ue4, Maya and the substance suite. I also use PS and illustrator. There is Software like 3d Coat or zbrush I might consider. Vfx is still confusing me. 4) workflow / Pipelines What is the difference between a Pipeline and s workflow. Isnt a Pipeline a workflow in a bigger picture? There are many different informations in the www about this topic. I am still kinda confused. Should I leave my project/files iam working with on the kan Server or work on my Main machine. Is it possible to use the second PC as a helper for, rendering, bakeing Light etc? If youre still reading, thank you very much youre a hero. Maybe you can leave me a reply Best regards
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