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  1. PloxDev

    Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story

    Good luck with your project, it sounds really interesting and original.
  2. PloxDev

    Ploxmons Cardgame

    In this unique PvPvE card game, two players compete against eachother to defeat powerful boss monsters (the Ploxmons). But only the one who manages to land the final deadly hit against the bosses is the winner and earns the loot! To fight the boss monsters, the players each send their team of selected monsters into the fight and try to survive or manipulate the attacks of the bosses. Manipulate the boss, strengthen your monster team and sabotage your opponent's team! Ploxmons offers a new, unique gaming experience with a variety of different strategies and play styles! Can you outwit the boss monsters and the opposing player to earn the valuable loot? Overview of game features: • Over 30 bosses with unique abilities • Collect over 100 monster cards • Rare Shiny versions for all monster cards • Over 30 Ploxpowers (unique deck-enhancing abilities for your team!) • Over 130 avatars to collect • Card Shop • Global chat system • Guild system • Ranking Games (Ranked Play) • Coop game mode • Numerous titles and achievements to unlock • New Card Frames to unlock • Global Drop Rate Blessings (allows you and other players to temporarily increase the drop rate of items) The game is in the development phase. The release is scheduled for 2019 for mobile devices and PC! A playable Early Acces version will be released soon! You want Gamedev updates and insights on the game? Join us on our Discord or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to receive frequent updates about the development of Ploxmons. We'd love to hear your feedback as well! Thanks so much! Discord: https://discord.gg/kAStaps Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ploxmons/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ploxmons Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ploxmons-1983384371789919/ Website: http://ploxmons.com/
  3. PloxDev

    Ploxmons Cardgame

    Album for Ploxmons Cardgame
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