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  1. Svein Larsen

    Game with 2D and 3D

    Nanashi no Game, if that counts. It has 2D sections where the protagonist plays a game on his haunted game system.
  2. I am faced with the choice of what to do with situations where light hits a surface at an obtuse angle, which of course doesn't happen in real life but occurs frequently with low poly meshes. The amount of diffuse reflection is of course zero, but what do I do with glossy reflections? Should I just allow the light to bend "backwards" as if the normal was pointing the other way, or force it to zero (which produces clearly visible jagged edges)? Or something else, maybe some kind of soft cut-off beyond 90 degrees? What is more common? (Edit: It just occurred to me that this was probably a silly question. The pixel would of course be in the shadow just as much with an accurate high poly mesh that it would on the low poly mesh. So, forcing it to zero is probably the correct choice.)
  3. Svein Larsen

    Mature themes on a game I'm working on

    Oh, no. The more time you spend explaining something the player has no reason to care about, the more quickly he will lose interest. You should definitely have a bunch of people with different world views go over the script with you before investing resources in producing the game. If the communist gets angry and calls it a bunch of national socialist propaganda, and vice versa, then you've most likely messed up.
  4. Svein Larsen

    Mature themes on a game I'm working on

    Don't know if you're still looking for input on this, but I am doing some mature themed writing myself so I thought I'd register to give my comments. Notice how you're using a lot of "opinion words" in describing your story. Backward, horrid, innocent, talk sense, phobia, etc. You should try to detach yourself from your own value judgements when writing fiction for entertainment, otherwise it's going to feel like reading a political diatribe and it's going to basically suck. If your story involves a divisive topic, try to avoid writing dialogue that carries a tone of clearly favoring one side over the other. The story should have some appeal to everyone regardless of whether they lean left or right, and whether they personally like gays, jews, muslims and the like, or if they can't stand them. It also shouldn't assume that the player knows, or cares about the pecularities and customs of any religious group, including ideas about morality that you've grown up with and always taken for granted. Naturally, this is difficult to execute well and I would therefore suggest that you refrain from pursuing your second idea. The rape story gives you much less to worry about in terms of pissing off your audience. For a good example of what not to do, watch the movie The Purge.
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