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  1. Kevind313

    Best Portfolio

    Thanks for that. In some ways I guess this is good because I tend to like to make full games and not just a bunch of examples. My only problem is my limited artistic ability outside of pixel art. Everything I make in 3D looks like it's straight out of the Money For Nothing video.
  2. Kevind313

    Best Portfolio

    I'm working on a portfolio that shows off coding skills more than anything. My question is what's better (Using Portal as an example). Should it just be code like the teleporting and gravity (no gun, no unique environment, no humor), should it be a game idea (rough art that gets the point across of a story that would make the code entertaining), or should it be the first level or two of the game with? Despite the art or story not being the point of my portfolio, is having that make the code seem that much more impressive or does it not help?
  3. Kevind313

    Best place to start in gaming

    Thanks for that. I'm kind of pleased with the summation of what is needed. I am spending a bit of time coding to better my skills and avoiding blueprints with Unreal and feeling it's not going to be worth the time I'm putting into it if the place I work doesn't use it. I'm working on some old school ideas and enjoying the heck out of doing that. Internships (not much pay) and relocating isn't a problem at the moment, but I see networking as the ultimate test for me. I like to work, but meeting people, getting my name out, making connections, getting the foot in the door is something that will be tough for me.
  4. Kevind313

    Pixel Game Nitpick or Not

    Thanks, I was thinking mostly the same. Even some of my favorite games made in the last few years likely have it. They're likely just good at hiding it or having interesting enough gameplay that I'm not looking for it. I'd also have to agree that the scaling one is the most egregious and best avoided.
  5. I'm brand new to this site and relatively new to game development. I have been taking college courses in game programming and will be done soon. I'm spending my spare time when not doing coursework and working (job is not relevant gaming experience) working on games and artwork to put in a portfolio. I feel like I need more things to include before I create a portfolio that could be shared with potential employers. My career goal is to eventually be in the programming end of the industry, but I know those jobs go to people with experience, of which I have none (other than what I am trying to create on my own). Are there people who have been in this position early in their careers that have any advice for the best way to proceed? I'm not a young guy (35). Not sure that affects a career search.
  6. Kevind313

    Pixel Game Nitpick or Not

    Hey all, I'm new here and had a random question that I only learned might be a problem recently. I'm making a 2D pixel art platformer. I have a character with a gun that shoots in all directions. So I have one gun that rotates and points in the direction of the mouse or joystick. The problem is, I just heard people talking about how it's wrong to 'break' or 'go off of' the pixel grid. Which is when the pixel are rotated instead of making a new sprite and the pixels are no longer at a 90 degree angle. Is this a nitpick that just makes the game look a little less polished or any eyesore that will drive away players? the example below is not my gun, just the best one to illustrate the problem.
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