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  1. TK7

    Pitching/Selling My Idea

    Thank you for the link and your reply Jon, I didn't realize just how vague the question was until you pointed it out. I would like to pitch my idea and proof of concept to a publisher. The target audience of males and females within the age range of 13-35 who enjoy team-based competitive third-person action games. Thank you, Tom! Thank you for replying 1024, Yes, I would have a prototype as well as a documented proof of concept that provides great detail about the game.
  2. Greetings GameDev Community, I am reaching out today to get some advice in regards to how to best "sell" my idea(s) for my prototype and proof of concept. I decided this section was the best place to go for this topic as gameplay programmers most likely have worked on academic/hobby/side projects they believe have the potential to turn into something marketable. As always, thank you for feedback in advance!
  3. This has been my issue for several years now. I have been trying to work with programming and 3d model (maya and 3ds max), as well as trying to learn a little bit of animating and rigging. Thank you for this and I will do my best to only focus on the gameplay portion of development moving forward.
  4. In school, the only game engine we have only been able to use is Unreal Engine (it's required for every game course). An example I can come up with the right is using C++ in Unreal for programming gameplay functionality such as how doors open or close depending on the direction you are coming from; settings off triggered events; HUDs interaction (as well as info displayed); characters being able to pick up items. Those are a few I could think of.
  5. Hi again gamedev community, I would like to get some more perspective from other gameplay programmers. When it comes to coding, I believe I know the fundamentals ( Data types, variable types, arrays, loops, pointers to some degree, functions, classes, and objects). Just when I think I have a good foundation to work with, I am then introduced to other things leaving me thinking I know nothing at all; it can be very overwhelming at times. When it comes to programming, what coding knowledge must you have in your repertoire in order to be an efficient gameplay programmer? Any advice is much appreciated, and thank you in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a student majoring in Game Programming and Development. I will be honest; I have never used a game develop community (outside of my courses) during my studies because I felt everything I asked could be considered a dumb question. I understand this was a missed opportunity for me to get better overall in my field of study. Thankfully, as of late I have found some courage to ask the community for help and perspective. Gameplay programming is the specialization I have chosen in the course I am currently taking because I am more comfortable with coding than anything else that was listed. I would love to get some perspective from professionals, students alike, and even hobbyist in this field regarding their developing process. I also have a few questions if you guys wouldn’t mind answering: Do you have to be exceptional at every level of math in order to succeed? If not, what would you consider the bare minimum? What approach or resources do you use for prototyping to show proof of concept? What advice would you give to someone that may have a tough time communicating with their peers because they may not be privy to all the jargon in the field? Thank you!
  7. Thank you, I needed this!!!
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