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  1. Yeah a whole game with sounds and everything and for portfolio for now i was trying to use instagram but i will make a proper one soon!
  2. So where would you suggest to provide such services i guess opening your own business site or something maybe but i was looking somewhere i dont have to market and i can just select work i want to do
  3. Hi there i was just wondering if any of you make games as freelancer on upwork , fiverr etc . For me personally i tried upwork and after sending out 30 prposals i got one reply back and that was for 80$ only for a whole game after that its been really dry and i have noticed that on these sites people tend to bid really low when it becomes useless to bid on the projects because its not even worth it for the money.So is it something i am doing wrong ? or is it just how game dev freelancing is? Also the only place where i find unity 3D jobs are on upwork and as i said its damn slow.
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