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  1. Jedi_icecloud

    Best ways to pitch ideas

    Hello everyone, I am a student doing a project about being an environmental artist for a class in my video game programming and design bachelor's degree. My question is if anyone has some pointers or good advice in regards to how to do pitches for ideas/games to companies. Are there any no-nos that you should totally stay away from? If someone happens to be a game studio exec that gets pitches sent to them, what things catch your eye?
  2. Jedi_icecloud

    Realistic feedback for a new video game environmental artist

    Thank you Pepsidog, I am just getting into Environmental design and was looking for good starting points and I appreciate your feedback!
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for some feedback and hopefully some direction when it comes to starting projects as a environmental artist. What are the first things you look for/at as an environmental artist when starting a project? What are the hardest things to design and why? (yes that one is based on the person) What are the pitfalls I should look out for if I want to be successful as an environmental artist in this field?
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