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  1. And how is lack of knowledge on a subject of your work does not make you worse at it? No, but if you haven't tried anything except what's served in the nearest cafeteria, i doubt you have what it takes to become one of the greatest master chiefs in the world. You haven't tasted the absolute majority of food and have no idea what ingridients other people may use to make it better, so you have to either stick to the few most common recepies you know, or figure them out on your own. Instead of various spices he always puts salt or whatever he can find in nearest supermarket, instead of exquisite food he serves you fast food because he does not know better. Or maybe even worse: you just put a random spices without knowing how they taste and hope it will work, if not - you just do it again, and again, trying to blindly quess the right option. Knowledge could help to avoid that. I am pretty sure that's exacly how Culling 2, Islands of Nyne, Fear the Wolves, Radical Heights and Fractured Lands were born - "Oh, everyone loves this dish, so i think i shoud make the same! What? What does it mean "everyone had enough of this"? What do you mean "you don't understand why people like them"? My dish looks alike, isn't that enough?". What miracles could i do if i got a budget of any of those games... So you have no idea what exacly happened with vampires. Reading wiki for commonly know information is not enough (and that is the proof to the statement above). Publisher wanted to make their game a first game on Sourse engine to be released, despite it being in beta and Valve did not provide dev's with many nessesary fixes before it officialy released, so they had to work on the engine without even proper support from it's developer. And, ironically - Valve forbid to release a game before Hl2 comes out, and publishers didn't care that something like HL2 could outshadow some almost unknown rpg, and forced them to make a release in same day despite game didn't even gone trough the proper testing (so before first patches it could not even be finished). That's how greed and stupidity of publisher that could not wait at least for an extra week or two doomed the financial sucsess of one of the most highly-rated rpg's. As writer of that game said - most players even had no idea about game being released. They literally throw all the money they spent to develop this game to the trash bin with their own decicion, they had one job and they failed it, that shows how unprofessional they were as a publisher. So this is why there is never a shortage of original ip's out there? Even some of current big series like Assasin's Creed were a new ip at some point, that aren't based on anything but some history and a lot more imagination. If you want to have more control over the game - sure. But not all people are Kojima multi-functional, capable of learning multiple trades. And if you look at the titles for almost any game - there is a seperate specialist for each type of technical work - that's because people who are great at everything are a rarity, and it's a lot better if everyone in team will do what he does best. You know why the survival game Miscreated isn't dead yet despite a lot of competition and now being sucsessfull (and heavily criticized) in many gameplay mechanics? They have amazing level designer, who made one of the best looking worlds and atmospheric worlds in survival games, and he is the main reason of this game still being afloat. They also have a game designer, but i really doubt that he takes part in level design, because why should he, if they have a real professional for this job?
  2. But it should be one of the key factors. I doubt there is many rock singers who listen only to rap music, teachers who don't have any education at all, cooks who don't try food made by other people, car designers who rarely using cars, etc. No theoretical education will give you the expirience of how real game looks and feels like, and since there is many various games out there (and some, like survivals or fightings need hundred of hours spent before you can try out all content they have to offer) - you need A LOT of time spent in games before you will know all the possibilities they have to offer. If you don't have that kind of expirience: - You will not know about how players react to certain feature before you spent time and money to test it - You will repeat mistakes already made by other developers because you have no idea about them - You will miss an exellent opportunities that may come out of inspiration from another gameplay mechanics - You will proudly announce "the feature that you never expirienced before" when it was already being implemented in 5 various games - You will not know the trends - genres and types of gameplay that are overused and make players sick when they see yet another one, genres that are in need of a new game atm, etc. - You will repeat annoying cliches and other overused types of storytelling, that don't even change from one game to another. And there is a lot more to add, but the most important part here is that your games will be made in sort of informational vacuum, when you rely on very limited sourses of expirience (maybe you tried most popular games in the genre), and disregarding everything else. Honestly, i never saw a good game being build with that kind of approach, because the best expirience is the practical expirience. I don't say that just because i played a lot of games i should be instantly hired in the industry. But expirience and understanding of your craft was never concidered a bad part of resume, right? It seems like you think that i want to just give them my concept and say "good luck on making the game", when in reality i want to go all the way to the release, including working as a designer. But just a game designer, and not visual designer, level designer, etc, because i know my limitations too well. Sorry, are you serious now? People making a plane. Sunndely, the company responcible for finansing the whole thing says "finish the work, and it does not matter if it has only one engine and one wing, and also most of the systems aren't even tested yet", then plane crushes into the ground. Your conclusion on this - "planes are bad in general".
  3. I don't think that was a mistake. I would have to remove a few pretty cool songs from the game to sell it. And, what even more important - a lot of people who tired it for free could not have money to buy it. But let's say that i could made those 5k usd. That's sure a giant sum of money for my country, something that i will earn in 50 years of life total, but on the global scale it ain't that much, because salaries in other countries are much bigger and for them it may take only half of year to earn that much. So i don't think it would be enough to "rent" a development team even for few months, and few months hardly would be enough to make a new game anyway. So since i had no use for those money anyway, i'd rather release game fore free so more players will be able to enjoy it even if they don't have the money.
  4. I can save around 1-2$ per month. And not every month. I don't thin i will ever be able to relocate anywhere, especially concidering that it's pointless now - i still can't walk to the office every day, except if i will be just living there. Being born in another country could only help me to learn English as a native language, but it's too late for that. Why it's impossible to do solo - i already answered, as well as about all my attempts to find a team. One way to fufill my goal i know, but it's not the time for it yet, for now i will search for the other ones.
  5. That's a list of lead designer's task, i supose (and some of it are certainly meant for other professions), but what of this junior does? Did all those people finished a lot of console and absolute majority of the pc games that were released during their lifetime? Do they spent averagely 70 hours per week on gaming? That all gives more expirience than any theorycrafting. You know how things are made in thousands of games, you know how people react on them, you know what gamers need and what they already sick of. CP is based on tabletop, yes, but how many tabletop players are among those who preordered it? If there were no pc games before - you can count it as a new ip. Also not long ago they announced that their engine are flexible enough to allow people with bad pc's still play their game (most likely it will be like with Witcher, when playing the game on tech bellow minimal requirements were still comfortable). That's how a good tech solves a lot of problems you mentioned above - they just made an engine that can handle anything they want to. TLOU was created as a new ip, the story just isn't finished yet, that's why we getting a sequel. Kojima, by the way, is a good example of how one act of trust from Konami could change the writer's fate - if they never listened to his ideas just as nobody wants to listen to mine, MGS might as well never exist. And he one of the examples of a writers and designers who just know their work well, an example of how things end up if you trust a good writer and designer instead of picking "anyone of other developers" to make you a game concept. And VTMB2 isn't an actual sequel, it just shares same universe and that's about it. I can list you tons of smaller original story-driven games that doing completly fine - for example, recent A Plague Tale - i would not call it the best of the best, but narrative there is certainly above average and leaves a very positive impression, i would say that writer and game designer did a really god job there. Or take SOMA, that's a completly generic walking sim when it comes to gameplay, but the absolute brilliant writing helped that game to become one of the best horrors and sci-fi games ever created. This. and MANY other stories aren't based on anything at all, but still was received warmly by the players. You realize that it wasn't even a developer's fault, let alone writer's? Dumb publishers killed games before, and they keep doing it now from time to time. And the game is still concidered as the best RPG ever done by a lot of players, including myself. I don't know, not sure yet, things aren't looking good for me, if everything told is true and there is no exceptions. It's not like i ever expected anything from being a disabled pauper from a thrid-world country, but to have no ways out at all... I wish i could change at least one thing about my life - be in changing country of birth, removing mental issues, or even simply being born in rich family so i could just pay the studio to create the game - then some of suggested here ways would open for me. I wish i could at least have a friend in any studio, so he could pretend that my writing is his own and suggest my concepts instead of me. But that's all not an option... And i am trying to think about what is, but for now all seems impossible, but i am still processing all this new information and trying to think of a way.
  6. How? I never saw any openings without many additional conditions. Also, what do they even do? Aside from mentioned supermassive games, that are simply too big to handle them alone, what's the point of hiring juniors if they already have main game designer? It does not sounds as crazy as hiring 5 different writers i saw one day, but still i don't getting the purpose of this job. Do you check the work of lead game designer for mistakes and possible improvments? What team sizes? Except corporations and very old studios - many, especially indie studios are not big. And it does not affect quality of their work either - for example, Obsidian, a studio with 170 people and massive expirience in making one of the best role-playing games out there still managed to turn PoE2 in one of their worst works, when at the same time team of 21 or 26 (i don't remember percise number) of people made a lot more complex and interesting Pathfinder. How could people with x6 smaller team that were recently assembled make something that's better in everything than creation of an industry veterans, the best of the best? But i did just the same thing with my concept of an online game - took the parts of the games that once were loved, but now long forgotten, gave them a bit more modern touch and mixed them with other things that were already working great in other games, making unique, but also familiar expirience, something that would have no competition (at least for now there is no games like that), but still working on the core mechanics that have proven to be fun, challenging and addictive for the players. Instead of simple making yet another midnless copy i created something new, but with a lot of certainty about how it will work and why people will like it. And the best thing about it - development of this game will be extremly cheap, with high possible outcome because of cross-platform gameplay. This is exacly what is proven to be one of the most profitalbe formulas in game industry - first people awaked mobas, that once were just a popular mods and turned them into fully-functional games, then people took an old idea of survival game (first one were released in 2005), and turned it into 3D (that, by the way, were one of my first concepts for video games, but, since other people already made it happen - i stopped working at it) and that how survival genre were born, and then people took a battle royale formula (that first appeared in video games back in 2008) and also made a 3d action out of it, creating another huge explosion on the market. If you want to go big, you must take at lest the smallest risks of making something new, but you should also have a strong foundation behind it, to know that it's going to work out. All adventures and RPG's (except so-called "action-rpg"), majority of the shooters, some strategies, most of the horrors, stealth actions - this all is too small part of the gaming? The next several "big" and most expencive titles that are known for majority of games - Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding are all a story-driven expirience, just as many other, smaller titles like VTMB2.
  7. I am both designed games and written the stories. I am not certain about my designs, because i haven't tried my boldest ideas and not sure how it will work out, but i still have the expirience. If the studios are full of people alike - they somehow hired them, right? They aren't born in-house. Sadly, 2019 is a different time as well, i don't see any openings for game designers without many finished games. So they just flip a coin and hope it works out? Because there is no logic or even knowledge of the games in example that i mentioned above. And like you say above - they have a full team of expirienced developers. Why do they need opinion of someone who barely played any games at all, and has no idea of the true reasons of sucsess or falure of the certain game? Your can't be a restaurant critic if you don't eat there. How can you be an "expecrt" to lecture the developers on how to do their work, if you aren't even an expirienced gamer? I can imagine a large open-world games like Assasin's Creed being too complex to calculate ahead, but if you making a turn-based rpg, for example? Or exploration game? Or even the online game i have concept for, where every single little detail can be easily written on paper before proceeding to development? Joining a development of a supermassive game was never in my intentions anyway. I never argued with that. But if your goal is "make a game that will appeal to the larger audience possible" you probably should be making something like Angry Birds maybe. Various genres exist because there is people playing them. There will always be games made as cheap and primitive as possible to make some fast cash, and there will be games that actually trying to impress people. So i do not get your point - the studio makes the game the studio wants to make. And i have a concepts for all kinds of games - from fully story-driven adventures, to the strategy game where story takes only a bit of player's time, i have ideas for almost any tastes in gaming. I have 3 rpg concepts that's all set in the same universe, and two of them are split on episodes so it will be possible for even smallest of studios to make a games out of them. If there will be enough resourses - full game it is, no - episodes then. All my other concepts aren't big enough to split them into episodic series.
  8. So, a movie director never hires a writer to make a script, because he or maybe the camera man, costumer or someone else already have enough ideas, right? And all of them equally talanted for writing that exacly fits for what movie requires. They wasn't born with this expirience, however. Avellone, for example, only had a d&d module writing expirience when he was hired in game dev. He also get to write big games like Fallout already year after his assignment. I already have a complete game. Yes, there is a lot of people who don't want to invest anything in their work, so they rely on brand name, making sequels, prequels and spin-offs with hope that people buy it because they love the brand, or they make copies of a popular games in hope that people who like those games will like their copy as well. But they aren't the majority, and i certainly not seeing myself working among people who are searching a way to cheat some money instead of making the quality product. I read articles about those who don't even play the games. It's just a buisness for them. If those experts was always correct, they would not be such a huge amount of complete failures among aaa-developers in the last several years. But it seems like the most the can do - is to give "valuable" advices on how to make a "politically correct" games, that lead to things like Andromeda, BFV, latest Fallouts and other stuff like that. Or maybe they give a buisness advice that lead to scandals like with Battlefront 2 or MK11? Are we talking about same "excperts" that said "sci-fi games can't be popular" regarding cyberpunk 2077? You know how they came to this conclusion? They looked at the latest games in genre, and checked their sales, disregarding both quality of the games and how big they were. And someone actually paying people for THIS? That's why every good writer must be able to cut and apart their stories for various unexpected changes, and i can do this as well. However, many of the things you describe should be calculated before game development even started. You don't just start to complain if your elevator falls due to being overloaded midway up, you check the maximul allowed weight when you entering it, right? I have exacly one game that will require high bugtet, and only several games that will require modern graphics (standard Unreal kit will do), the rest can be done with almost any budget and technology limitations. Damn, i cut around 40% of content from my own game because we could not implement it. But i still managed to get the story to work properly, disregarding of the cuts. Your name isn't Todd Howard by any chance? I just remembered how he justified a terrible FO4 dialogue system with just the same excuse, only to tell later that "it was a mistake". Let's say you buy the game called "Journey" and then complain that you get to do nothing but walk. WIll it be dumb? Or you buy Detroit - Become Human, and then click trough all the dialogues and complain that the game is boring because there is almost nothing but dialogues you skipped. Will it be developer's fault or the user who were not smart enough to read what is the game about before buying it? Each game has it's own audience, aiming to please everyone in the world will result only in your game being bad.. Also, except dialogues there is a lot of ways to tell the story - background banter, narrator's voice, environmental storytelling, notes and journals, cutscenes, should i name all of them or it's enough? Actually, most of the games that using a dialogues you have to click trough are rpg's and those without voice acting.
  9. I can, because i played a lot of text games and visual novels. It's just not MY way of creating. Let's say you ask a Stephen King to write a children's tale, or you ask a Steven Spielberg to direct a theatre play. Just because first one writes books and second works with actors does not matter that they will be equally good in in everything that involves any of said things. Biologist can't do the work of chemist despite both being scientists, bus driver can't race a formula 1 despite both being drivers. I simply can't pick a road that's not suited for my skills, i won't do anything good there. I am not just heard, i said that. And the problem is that for tv adaptation instead of hiring a good writer (maybe even writer of original) to write the script, they hire someone who have no idea what exacly is he doing. And it does not matter how much money are put into movie, even in most expencive tv shows like GOT you can find an incredibly dumb and boring writing. And it's not because original was bad, but because studio leads didn't cared enough to find a good writer. Same goes for games, but even worse - most developers don't even concider a story being an important part of the game, so they add it later to simply somehow justify the gameplay, or team leaders are just inverstors without much expirience in gaming industry, so they can't see that the story their team cape up with is just bad. Some companies like Bethesda have their writing quality degrade with each new game they release, despite overall budgets of the games only raising. I think this is the primary reason why most of the game stories are completly average at best, and that's why every story in gaming that's at least decent is a huge celebration for me. And i would really want to improve this situation.
  10. Or maybe "I have read his concepts and i think that one of them is exacly what you could use in your next game, and since i liked them a lot - i can vouch for it's quality as a professional, but you don't even have to trust me - check it your for yourself and make a desision, it will only take 10 extra minutes of your time, and since you are a professional too - you will be able to see it's potential".
  11. I already said a several times why i chose video games: it is because they allow much more instruments of storytelling than books or movies. Making a book with choices is not what i need either, majority of the stuff that makes my stories so good in form of a video game won't work in the text game, it won't have such a powerful effect on the player. How to give you an example... you probably played "What remains of Edith Finch", right? Now try to imagine game's plot in the form of text book. Will it be just as good? Will it even be half as good? My concept for online game fills the almost empty niche that do not have any quality games at the moment, brings a lot of gameplay elements that's loved by the players, has ability to add crossplay from any devices, has lots of options for monetisation, and are incredibly cheap to create (for the price of the moba with 10 characters, or something close). All i need from those who would implement it - to share part of the income from that game so i could pay to them (or someone else) to make my story-driven games later. I think that any expirienced designer of online games will instantly see the potential of this concept... if only they ever read it. So why exacly a developer who are interested only in revenue will not want to even look at something that has the ability to start a new genre, just as mobas, survivals and battle royales did? Especially if it's a low risk, high reward project. And also, could you name any game with amazing story that didn't sell well? Maybe some of them didn't went to best sellers, but every single one made the profit, because gamers value games with good stories. But instead of spending 10 minutes on reading a possibly better concept developer chosing to make a completly average game without even strong selling points. Or instead of making a miniature risk of trying out new genre they pump out yet another battle royale, that not only costs a lot more than my idea for online game, but also most likely doomed to be forgotten among many others who also try to fit into the hype train, forgetting that audience is limited (and getting tired from the genre already), and that there is zero reasons for players to leave the better quality game for their clone. And they close game almost right after the release. I don't understand this... They literally thow their budgets to the trash can in order to make copy of something that's already done better by the others, and completly disregard the idea of tryings something new, that won't even have a competition (well, before everyone will start making clones).
  12. Oh, a pitcher, yes, now i get it. Thanks! I never saw it being used in this context before.
  13. I am not sure what "pitches" are, translator fails to give my anything that would make sense in this context. But i think it's requests or something? Why do you think it's unlikely? There is a lot of people out there, all with different personalities. I don't believe that even half of them are that much smug to have a star syndrom of "i won't even speak to a non-famous commoner", especially if they are the indie developers without super-huge name yet. Just like you and me, when they need to kill some time they watch image boards, browse forums, etc, and i don't see why they can't as well spent 10-20 minutes on reading the concept. I would say even more - since games with really amazing stories are such a rare thing that sometimes there goes a whole year without single one of them, a true story gourmet will be more interested in spending those 20 minutes on read a possibly promising script instead of browsing 9gag, for example. Especially if the script is written by someone who has a taste in storytelling and had dedicated all his existense to those stories. They might now do it with intentions to hire me, but at least out of curiocity - because i would do just the same in their place if i was offered to see a quality game stories, i would even want to discuss storytelling in general and stories of each other if i only found someone else like me. Even if they do it simply out of curiocity, if they eventually like one of my concepts - they might help me to contact people who might me interested in them. I read the manual and it seems like coding is completly nessesary to use this engine, and that's not an option for me. Anyway, i already tried more simple visual novel makers, and there is but one big problem - you can't tell a really good story without lots of custom art, and since it's a visual novel - there should be LOTS of it. I doubt i will find an artist who would do that. The game was released with zero promotion, except the basics automaticly provided by Steam. Because of that it's not known by majority of gamers, and can serve mostly an example of what i can do. Several years passed since release, so i quess it's safe to say it wasn't noticed by those, who could, for example, help me make a full game out of it.
  14. It's not the thing i want to do, all my stories and concepts are made for interactive fiction, and not for the book, movie or visual novel, that simply can't do many things, for example - environmental storytelling. I have the game released in Steam. With only positive feedback regarding the story. I think that's a lot better than having a visual novel, because it gives example how i handle lore, character development, side quests, pacing, gameplay variety, etc... Of course it's just a prologue to the main story, and i can't show the full power of my storytelling there, but i simply have no resourses to make a full game. I don't have the needed knowledge and leadership skills needed to assemble even an indie team, and what should i do - just show my stories to random strangers? I might as well just publish them...
  15. I have a different plan, but that's quite a radical solution and will require me to give all what i have left in this life, including the life itself. It will probably work, but for now, while there is still some time left, i would rather want to look into other options. But i can't think of any. That is why i asked for help. I now sure what kind of help that could be... maybe it will be an advice about some opportunity i haven't tried yet. Or maybe someone have a close friend among the people i want to contact, and they can find a time to deliver them a message from me - that would be amazing. Also it's not nessesary exacly like that. I created several gameplay variations for some stories exacly so developer can make something they want to do more. Maybe they will even come out with their own game design concept, that's not really important to me. Even my stories itself are flexible enough if budget limitations or other factors will force me to change them in some way. So it's more of a "let's make this game together, if you will realy like what i am about to show you and see in it the same possibilities as i see".
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