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  1. SnowFox

    What’s your game plan?

    I live in California. I took a look at the game dev map, and I feel I’m at. A bit of a disadvantage. I’m my city there aren’t that many companies when compared to say Los Angeles. But maybe I should try my luck with local companies? How does one even start networking. Is it as simple as contacting them outright?
  2. SnowFox

    What’s your game plan?

    I can see why that would be a priority, but it's one of the things I have little experience with. I live in the US and have a Bachelors Degree(Though not in computer science or anything related, whoops). I feel kind of weird trying to network when I really have nothing to show for it, which is why I figured to put it lower on the list.
  3. As a new developer, I love making games and hope to one day I can make a hobby into a sustainable career. Of course, this has been no easy challenge. For any aspiring full time devs, what’s your game plan to get into the industry? Mine is as follows: -Create a short but fully polished game experience. -Get it published on a site. (Itch.io, Armorgames. Etc) -Rinse repeat a few times -learn how to network -Create a site to showcase my finished games -Apply to wherever I can with what I have. Does this list seem too broad? Would it be better to prioritize something else? Im curious to know how other people are planning.
  4. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had some pointers regarding making portfolio sites. I've done some research on the fundamentals and am currently experimenting with web layouts. My main concern is that maybe I'm doing this too early? I already have an itch.io site with a few games and prototypes posted. My problem with itch.io is that it doesn't feel quite professional enough (even though I'm not a professional either, hypocrite). But I feel I could organize my projects a lot better if I made my own site, separate prototypes from finished games and whatnot. For a guy who's just starting to code and make games, is it wise to invest time in creating a portfolio site?
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