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  1. We are a team of passionate developers! We are looking for people who want to make their first game or developing as a hobby. Our goal is to practice making games together and learn on the way! And eventually be a great game development group! We already got the basics for our game! Link to a review of the game: Link to a review of our game (we don’t have a modeller yet, that’s why the game doesn’t looks well) Explanation of the game will be found in the #game-design channel Non profit (At least for now) We mostly need 3D modellers but anything else will also be great! This is our discord: Link to our discord server If the link expires, you can contact me in discord: Cringey Boy#1615
  2. Hey, you replied to my recruiting post. Can we talk in discord? it will be much easier, even if you don't have discord you should create your account, we are doing all the talking in there... #1615Cringey Boy
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