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  1. I'm attempting to call a web service that requires passing an extra parameter called 'sessionID' in the SOAP header of each request. For some reason I can't figure out how to do add this using C# in .NET 3.5. In Java, I would do this: BrontoSoapApiImplService locator = new BrontoSoapApiImplServiceLocator(); BrontoSoapApi api = locator.getBrontoSoapApiImplPort(); // Login String sessionId = api.login(API_TOKEN); ((Stub)api).setHeader(locator.getServiceName().getNamespaceURI(), "sessionId", sessionId); However in C#, there is no setHeader method and have tried a bazillion different ways of adding it with no luck. Has anyone successfully done this in C#? Thanks.
  2. I'm nearing the release of a website I built and am getting increasingly paranoid about how well it will stand up against hackers, bots, etc. once it becomes available on the internet. It's based off Php, MySQL and javascript which is pretty common, and I've read tons of articles about how most malicious hacks successfully penetrate security. I've gone with the 'be completely paranoid about everything' mindset when it comes security measures, but the more I learn, the more I know that I cannot have not safeguarded myself against every type of threat. So, my question has two parts. How do I best test my site for security holes before I make it public? Are there automated services that will basically attack my site in an automated way and give me a security assessment on what passed and what failed? Probably wishful thinking, but I don't want to learn the hard way...
  3. I'm connecting to an FTP site using a username \ password that given to me by the operator of the ftp site, but I can't seem to find out if the site used encryption. I'm using Filezilla to connect. How do I find this out? Thanks
  4. i've never had to reply with a bump on gamedev, but ANY ideas?
  5. I use 1and1.com for just about everything hosting related. I've had a very good experience and would recommend them. For fairly cheap price, you can get a domain name, hosting, choice of database really useful administration tools. That being said, the most time consuming step is DNS propagation, which only takes a few hours in my experience. You can easily have a working "Hello World" page up in a day.
  6. Until recently, I've been running XAMPP to manage MySQL and Apache, and have been editing php files using PSPad. I kept all my source files in htdocs so I could easily modify them and hit refresh in my browser to see changes I've made. This was fine, but now I've switched to PHP Eclipse and am having some trouble. Basically, when I create a new project in Eclipse and choose to import the file structure from htdocs, it copies all the files from htdocs into the local workspace located elsewhere. Now when I make changes, they obviously aren't reflected when I go to refresh the page. I'm clearly missing something obvious here since I'm not trying to do anything too fancy. Does anyone have suggestions about how I should be setting this up?
  7. Mulligan

    Xbox 360 controller?

    Some things to know: Buy an xbox 360 wired controller, plug it in, and it just works. If you have a wireless controller, plugging in the usb recharging cord will not work on a computer. Even though it appears that the controller is connected via usb, the actual relay is still done wirelessly. I think they sell special wireless 360 controllers now that work on pcs.
  8. I'm fairly new to MySQL, and have a question about querying two tables. I have two tables: Table1: region RegionId (int) Primary Key RegionName (varchar) Table2: city CityId (int) Primary Key RegionId (int) CityName (varchar) When I run the query: SELECT CityId, RegionId, CityName FROM city; I basically get what I want, however it would be a lot more useful to me if instead of the RegionId, it would output the RegionId's corresponding RegionName from the Region table. Is this do-able or do I have to run a new query for every single row returned by the select statement? Oh, and I'm using PHP, so if there are any tricks there that would help, that would be alright too. Thanks!
  9. Mulligan

    Setting up a FTP server.....

    Well, I just reverted back to using the standard port numbers and it magically works now... still don't know what the deal was Thanks for the help.
  10. Mulligan

    Setting up a FTP server.....

    My IP is correct (thats actually the site i used to find it), but even local computers cant access the ftp site via Thanks. [update] I just reverted back to using the standard port of 21, and now computers locally can see me, but just not computers over the internet.
  11. Mulligan

    Setting up a FTP server.....

    I'm attempting to set up a ftp server on my computer here, but running into problems when I try accessing it from over the internet or intranet. So, here are some details about my setup: I'm running Windows Vista Enterprise The ftp server is listening on port 20100 I am able to access the ftp site locally at ftp://localhost:20100 I have port 20100 unblocked on my firewall On my router, I have all incoming traffic on port 20100 sent to my local address of port 20100 When I try to access it over the internet at ftp://[ip my isp gave me]:20100, I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when using IE. I also get the same message when trying to access my computer from other computers connected to the same router via: So I know I'm missing something here, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. try <Viewport3D.Camera> <OrthographicCamera Position="stuff" LookDirection="more stuff" Width=5/> </Viewport3D.Camera>
  13. In terms of a WPF specific way, I don't know of one, but have you tried forcing that window to minimize then restore? may bring it to the foreground. Another possible way (in theroy) is to set a specific window to top most like this thingy http://www.galasoft-lb.ch/mydotnet/GalaSoftLb.Wpf.ColorClock/index.html But to be honest, i dont know is this makes ALL windows of the app topmost in relation to other apps, or if the property can be applied to one of many windows from the same app. If it can be applied to a single window, then set it, and immediately unset it.
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