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  1. It's a crazy, somewhat random world. If you're idea is huge, you may want to split it up into 'episodes'. Kylo is correct imo.. But is it safe for me to say Kylo, that you don't necessarily want your examples to be reality? It's tough, but the AAA & film directors have their reasons. They might want to know you for a while 1st. As one could guess, they too have a lot of problems within their own groups. I've spoken to a few, and the stories they tell scare me almost to the extent where I'd rather not even get involved. However, don't lose hope.. & I don't think Kylo is saying it's all gloom & doom. It's just tough. RE: Fallout in general.. The thing that turned me off F76 was the advert. It just seemed too, 'fun and easy, casual'. Fallout to me has always been a serious toned game with self aware funny bits within it. I discovered Fallout 2 from a friend years after it was made. But hey, I'm weird. Sorry if I seem like I'm hijacking a discussion, not my intention
  2. Well yes, that's true. "then a shooting script which barely resembles the original." So basically we're on our own, which has it's advantages and disadvantages. We have a certain amount of freedom. If something you make is great, then advertise it. See how it goes.
  3. I too, find myself worrying about these things. It's tough, but there are solutions. If you look at how companies operate (for instance Hollywood) they sometimes find books to turn into movies. You are a good writer. You might want to develop the game, into a book 1st. But even then if you want to get published it may cost some money. But, you could get lucky and the right person finds it. It's not impossible to sell the digital book on Amazon at a low cost. The struggle is real. But it's a struggle that can be danced with. Idk what I'm saying... I guess I'm trying to say 'I know!!! Good luck, I'm sailing not too far behind!'
  4. Tobop

    Proof of the project

    Somewhat off topic: I'm not sure about tax laws in other countries, but where I reside - the tax office wants proof of a sale or the project doesn't exist for tax purposes.
  5. Tobop

    Benjamin Banjo Frog + Titanic Dog

    Album for Benjamin Banjo Frog + Titanic Dog
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