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  1. chatch1111

    Best place to start in gaming

    One other thing, become very comfortable with Linear Algebra, I mean comfortable enough where you can explain the topics to a child. Gotta get that fundamental understanding where the language used is irrelevant.
  2. chatch1111

    Vector question

    Can confirm.. all nighter posting clearly I should stay away from
  3. chatch1111

    Vector question

    You aren't, I only mentioned it because the way I've seen a scenegraph constructed was as a tree, where the OP is just using a vector and iterating it in a seemingly inefficient manner which also seems error prone as it is not working how they want it to. Like anything else, there are a million ways to skin this cat, maybe not literally, but that's what I would lean towards because it's a proven way to accomplish the task at hand.
  4. chatch1111

    Best place to start in gaming

    You are where I was a couple years ago, start networking yesterday, if you still have time apply to every game internship possible in your area, if you have the means, also anywhere in the country. If there are game development meetups in your area go to them.. most important, and I am learning this the hard way, do not move anywhere without a signed job offer. If you want to do stuff on the programming side, unity and unreal aren't a huge help, unreal c++ is okay, but they are mostly about assets as the hard programming stuff is in a lot of cases done for you. Make small games, stuff like old school Nintendo titles, arcade type games, things you can show you have a good understanding of the core competencies needed to not be a liability. Quality coding practices in C++, class structuring, memory management and allocation, data structures, and object models, be sure to be clear on the tradeoffs of using composition or inheritance (essentially abstract classes or something like the entity component model). This is all information I have gathered since finishing school based on advice from those currently occupying roles at Bethesda, Retro, Arkane, and Daybreak. Also, Game Programming Patterns is very helpful available free online, as are the books Game Engine Architecture, Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics by Eric Lengyel, and of course this forum and Google. Practice, practice, practice some more... Good luck.
  5. chatch1111

    Vector question

    You really ought to take a look at depth first search preorder traversal. Essentially, you'll just start at the initial parent node, then print in cascading fashion all of that "parents" descendants, then recurse or iterate to the next parent and so on. Essentially, you are going to want to have a pointer to each nodes child left and right, then you can use a recursive call to consume the data (print or whatever task you are trying to accomplish from the scenegraph) call left, print, right. dfs(SceneNode* head) { if(head == nullptr) //exit condition usually return if function is void dfs(head->left); //task to be completed dfs(head->right); }
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